Power Integrations new LinkSwitch-HP IC

by:MOSO     2019-12-16

21ic News Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Today announced the launch of a new series of energy-efficient, off-line switching IC products- LinkSwitch - HP, the output power of this series of devices can reach up to 90 W and can realize accurate primary side voltage regulation (PSR).

LinkSwitch- Hp ic uses innovative control algorithms and takes advantage of the characteristics of the main power transformer and output diode (Instead of optocouplers and related feedback circuits) To determine the amount of power transmitted from the primary side to the isolated secondary side. This method can greatly reduce the number of components, not only save space and cost, but also enhance reliability. More than a decade ago, with the launch of Power Integrations's LinkSwitch product series, PSR began to spread gradually. Now it is the standard configuration in many low-Power applications such as mobile phone chargers, but until now, it also lacks the constant voltage accuracy required by higher power products. LinkSwitch- HP devices adopt a unique multi-mode control architecture, which fundamentally improves the technical level of PSR and makes it a feasible method for power supply applications with power ranging from 9 W to 90 W.

Doug Bailey, vice president of marketing for Power Integrations, said: Power Integrations is the first company to introduce integrated primary-side off-line switching devices. In a wide range of low-power applications from mobile device chargers to LED lighting, to electrical bias power supplies, and even smart meters, linkSwitch products are currently selling better than any similar product using PSR technology. LinkSwitch- HP devices extend the power range of PSR to 90 W, it enables designers to apply the advantages of PSR to tablet computer chargers, Ultrabook adapters, LCD displays and televisions, set-top boxes, household appliances, embedded power supplies and other application fields. LinkSwitch- The power and performance provided by hp ic are unmatched by any other PSR solution.

LinkSwitch- HP devices can automatically select the control mode according to the dominant line voltage and load conditions, thus achieving the purpose of optimizing conversion efficiency and quickly responding to transient load requirements, while reducing output ripple and audio noise. Continuous conduction mode (CCM) The operation can reduce RMS current, thus improving efficiency and reducing heat dissipation. At the same time, the 132 kHz full-load operating frequency also allows the use of smaller magnetic cores and LC rear filter elements. LinkSwitch- Hp ic can achieve no-load power consumption of less than 30 mW at 230 VAC and at 0. The efficiency at 1 W input power is over 50%, thus easily meeting all global energy efficiency regulations, such as ErP (EuP)Energy star? EPS V2. 0 and EC ecological design directive external power Tier 2 requirements, etc.

LinkSwitch- HP devices can also meet China's safety standard GB 4943. 1- 2011 to reduce cost and complexity, the standard stipulates that warning labels must be affixed to power supplies that do not meet strict creepage distance and electrical clearance requirements. This new regulation is similar to UL 60950- 2007, which will be enforced on December 1, 2012, requires that the primary side of its power supply must be increased for equipment used at an altitude of more than 2000-Secondary side electrical clearance (Multiply by multiplication coefficient 1. 48)Otherwise, a warning label must be attached to the product.

LinkSwitch- Hp ic has comprehensive protection functions, including optional current limiting point, programmable turn-off delay time extension, and voltage slow rise, voltage drop, overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat protection. Engineering samples are now available and mass production is expected to start at the end of August 2012. LinkSwitch- HP devices offer two different package options: eSIP-7C and eDIP- 12B, the unit price for the order quantity based on 10,000 pieces is 0. $42 (LNK6763V). We can now also provide two kinds of supporting evaluation demonstration boards according to customer's requirements: RDK-321 ( 17 W Dual output flyback converter for LCD Display)And RDK-313 ( 30 W, 12 V single output universal adapter).

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