Power Integrations new LinkSwitch-3 IC meets US Department of Energy

by:MOSO     2019-12-30

LinkSwitch- The 3 IC can simplify the CV/CC charger design by eliminating the optocoupler and secondary control circuit. For example, only 28 peripheral components are needed to realize the design of the 10 W charger. The new device can provide highly accurate output voltage and current regulation to compensate for transformer and internal parameter tolerance varying with input voltage. LinkSwitch- 3 IC integrates a 725V power MOSFET, on/off control state machine, a self-biased high voltage switching current source, frequency jitter for reducing EMI interference, cycle-By-Cycle current limiting, and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuit. The IC can also provide optional cable voltage drop compensation to improve voltage tolerance with load changes.

Silvestro Fimiani, senior product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: the smart mobile device market is constantly changing, LinkSwitch-3 LinkSwitch- 3IC can meet all the most challenging new requirements. In addition to applications with a maximum output power of 10 W, the new device can also meet the expected US department of energy efficiency regulations, the European Commission's CoC 2016 Tier 2 standard, China's USB charger standard and the market's 30 mW no-load with fast transient response. performance requirements.

LinkSwitch-3 switch IC now provides SO-8. eSIP-7 and eSOP-12 packaged samples are ordered.

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