Power Integrations new HiperPFS-3 Power factor correction IC can improve electricity

by:MOSO     2019-12-30

Power Integrations today announced the launch of HiperPFS- 3 Series power factor correction IC, the new device can provide high power factor and high efficiency in the whole load range. This series of IC is very suitable for general-purpose applications with continuous output power requirement of 405 W and high-voltage input peak power requirement of 900 W, moreover, its efficiency exceeds 10% from 95% load point to full load, while its no-load power consumption is less than 60 mW. The power factor can easily reach 0 at the load point of 20%. More than 92.

highly integrated HiperPFS- The 3 devices include a variable frequency CCM controller, a high voltage power MOSFET and a Qspeed™Low QRR boost diode. The new device also adopts an innovative EMI control method, which will not adversely affect the power factor under light load. The X capacitance used to reduce the differential mode EMI being fed back to the AC line can lead to poor system power factor under light load. HiperPFS- 3 IC integration has a digital power factor enhancement circuit that can be activated at light load; The circuit can increase phase shift compensation to overcome the reactance of X capacitor in EMI filter circuit, thus reducing the phase angle difference between input voltage and current. Therefore, the designer can increase the size of the X capacitor while reducing or omitting the differential mode choke, thus reducing EMI without reducing the light load power factor performance. This can reduce the cost of EMI filtering stage and reduce its size.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: standby energy consumption standard (Such as ErP Lot 6, etc) Previously, designers of PC and other systems were forced to design a main power supply and a standby power supply at the same time. Our new HiperPFS- 3 IC has excellent light load efficiency, with which designers do not need to design standby power supply, which not only saves components, design time and space, but also reduces costs.

HiperPFS- The 3 IC is suitable for both high-voltage and low-voltage input applications, and its continuous output power can reach 900 W. ESIP with high heat dissipation efficiency-The 16 package simplifies thermal installation. The unit price of the device is 1. 1 per piece based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $27.

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