Power Integrations Launches Updated version of Power design software

by:MOSO     2020-01-04

21ic News Power Integrations recently announced the launch of an updated version of its popular Power design software- PI Expert Suite 9. 0. The new version of the software has now added its LinkSwitch™-PL and LinkSwitch- Ph led driver IC and recently launched TinySwitch™- 4 Design Support for off-line switch IC product series. V9. 0 also comes with an enhanced circuit schematic processing tool, with this tool, designers can upload the final BOM created by the automatically generated circuit principle layout diagram to selected leading distributors that can meet the design requirements.

PI Expert Suite 9. 0 can greatly shorten the design time of the first prototype and significantly reduce the number of prototype iterations required before the finished product is realized, thus further improving the work efficiency of the power supply design team. The software now adds design support for solid-state lighting products, which can optimize LED design for constant current, dimming and harmonic emission. Same as the previous version, PI Expert Suite 9. 0 can generate a complete schematic diagram of power supply circuit, provide optimization technology of power supply transformer, and even specify transformer design and provide links to wire wound component manufacturers. The heat sink calculation tool can provide designers with the estimated heat dissipation design requirements of the new power supply, which can be used to guide the layout and determine the mechanical prototype, thus avoiding design iteration and time waste. Provide more effective PCB layout recommendations based on selected devices and packages to help designers reduce EMI caused by Traces and reduce board area, while also enhancing electrical noise immunity and surge resistance.

Peter Vaughan, director of application engineering for Power Integrations, said: in the process of continuously developing innovative solid-state lighting products, LED lighting engineers, always facing difficult challenges in electrical, mechanical and heat dissipation. Whether it is an experienced power designer or a novice in power design, PI Expert is still the only comprehensive power design tool that can meet its needs at the same time. The new version of the software has now added to our LinkSwitch-PL and LinkSwitch- The design support of ph ic enables designers to design better and more efficient products in a shorter time.

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