Power Integrations launches TinySwitch™-4 offline switch I

by:MOSO     2020-01-01

21ic News Power Integrations recently announced the launch of its latest generation of industry-leading TinySwitch series off-line switch IC-TinySwitch-4 product series. TinySwitch- The device has line voltage compensation overload power protection function, which can greatly reduce the maximum overload power output to the load over the entire AC input voltage range. The device integrates a 725 v mosfet, which can easily reduce the design of high reflected voltage and high bus voltage by 80%. The efficiency at 5% load point is higher than 70%, which enables designers to meet the strict European standby standard that will take effect on 2013, while the no-load power consumption at 230 VAC is lower than 30 mW, it can meet the urgent requirements of the current market for energy conservation.

TinySwitch- The line voltage compensation overload power protection function of 4 IC is especially useful for applications such as PC standby and electrical appliances, because high current requirements for loads in these applications may usually be expressed as faults. The power supply takes quick action to limit the current to the maximum design value, which can provide protection for the circuit and enhance the overall safety and reliability of the system. The BP/M pin allows the MOSFET current limiting point to be adjusted up or down so that designers can optimize power output capability and efficiency in different physical implementations. The on-time extension function can maintain the stability of the output at a lower input voltage, thus meeting the maintenance time with a lower capacity input capacitor. In addition, TinySwitch-The 4 device also has latch output overvoltage protection (OVP) Function, fast AC reset can be configured by connecting EN/UV pin resistor to AC input line. Automatic restart is improved to ensure that the output power during output failure is limited to 3% of the full load rating.

Chris Lee, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: TinySwitch is synonymous with excellent standby efficiency and easy design. TinySwitch- The high integration and comprehensive system-level protection of 4 IC can make the power supply design extremely simple, not only can easily meet safety regulations, but also can meet all current and proposed energy efficiency standards, such as Energy Star EPS V2. 0 and the European Commission energy related product ecological design directive Tier 2. More importantly, TinySwitch- 4 IC and existing TinySwitch- The pins of the III device are compatible, thus simplifying the design work of updating to the upgraded device.

TinySwitch- The 4 product series offers flexible device choices, covering up to 36. 5 W Wide power range, specific power supply applications include PC standby and other auxiliary power supplies, DVD/PVR and other low-power set-top boxes, electrical appliances, industrial systems, electricity meters, as well as Chargers/adapters for mobile phones and cordless phones, digital cameras, portable audio devices, etc. This product line is available in three packages: industry standard PDIP package and SOIC package, and new SMD eSOP package. The latter allows the designer to save the external heat sink and use the PCB copper platinum area for heat dissipation.

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