Power Integrations Launches Qualcomm®Quick Charge

by:MOSO     2020-01-02

21ic News Power Integrations recently launched the first model to support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2. Reference Design of charger power supply with 0 protocol. Quick Charge 2. 0 protocol by Qualcomm (Nasdaq stock code: QCOM) Released earlier this year, it enables users to move their devices (Such as a tablet or mobile phone) The charging speed is 75% faster than the traditional USB power supply technology.

Power Integrations has developed ChiPhy™Series AC- DC wall plug charger interface IC, when this IC and the company's AC- When the DC switch IC is used in combination, all necessary components can be integrated to increase the fast charging function to AC-DC wall plug charger. CHY100 IC can detect support for Quick Charge 2. 0, then adjust AC- The output voltage of the DC wall plug charger enables the battery of the device to obtain greater power input through standard USB wiring. When inserting does not support Quick Charge 2. In the case of a 5 v usb power supply device with 0 protocol, CHY100 IC can automatically prohibit high voltage output to ensure charging safety and backward compatibility with old hardware.

as an evaluation platform of ChiPhy IC, DER- 381 introduces a TOPSwitch™- JX switching IC and CHY100D interface IC are designed with a constant voltage/constant current Charger power supply with a maximum power of 24 W. The power supply has A universal input voltage range and provides an optional output voltage with A maximum constant current of 2 A (5 V, 9 V and 12 V). TOPSwitch- Jx ic can maintain almost constant efficiency under extremely wide output voltage and current load conditions.

Peter Vaughan, director of application engineering for Power Integrations, said: DER- 381 shows the industry for the first time how we can successfully implement Quick Charge 2 using the latest generation of Power Integrations switch IC and interface IC and simple optocoupler feedback. 0 Charger power supply.

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