Power Integrations launches online selection tool for easy search of LED driver reference designs

by:MOSO     2019-12-31

21ic news, Power Integrations, the manufacturer of the world's most efficient and longest-lived offline LED driver IC, has introduced an online selection tool, it can help users quickly find the most suitable power reference design for their LED lighting applications. Engineers only need to enter simple selection conditions in the LED design selector to find the most suitable design scheme from the LED lighting reference design library of Power Integrations.

users need to determine the basic selection conditions (Such as application and power level) , And then you can quickly and easily get the filtered and optimized query results. For example, the new LED design selector not only saves the trouble of time-consuming and laborious screening from multiple designs, at the same time, it can also evaluate the effect or power range of isolated and non-isolated topologies. After the new data is entered, the tool will immediately display the best reference design scheme, enabling designers to make quick and wise choices.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations responsible for LED lighting applications, said: for lighting engineers who are trying to optimize their LED drivers according to various electrical and physical design requirements, LED design selector is a very practical tool. With this tool, engineers can quickly determine the best design method and clearly understand the trade-offs in the design.

The LED design selector is located at the following URL: http://www . Powerint. Cn/zh- Hans/applications/led-Driver-Ics/led-Design-Selector.

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