Power Integrations launches new SCALE-IDriver SiC-MOSFE

by:MOSO     2020-01-01

deep in high pressure inverter application door very drive technology in the field of well-known the Company Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently launched SIC1182K SCALE-IDriver™-- This is a commercially available high efficiency, single channel Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Gate Driver can provide maximum peak output gate current without external push stage. After the new product is set, it can support different Gate drive voltages to meet the market SiC-MOSFET requirements; Its main applications include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) , Photovoltaic system, servo driver, welding machine and power supply.

SIC1182K can be at 125 C provides 8 A drive at junction temperature, so SiC with output power within hundreds of kilowatts can be supported without using A push stage-MOSFET inverter design. This will improve system efficiency, and customers can cover inverters with different rated powers in the entire product lineup with only one design. The switching frequency is as high as 150 kHz and can support a variety of applications.

SCALE- IDriver SIC1182K SiC gate driver High Speed FluxLink™ with Power IntegrationsCommunication technology can greatly enhance insulation performance. FluxLink is an innovative signal transmission technology that can replace optocouplers and capacitive or silicon-based schemes, significantly improving reliability and providing 1200 V reinforced insulation. SCALE- The iDriver device also integrates a number of protection features that are critical to the system, such as desaturation monitoring and current detection readout, original and secondary undervoltage protection (UVLO)And advanced active clamp (AAC). In addition, the protection circuit can also provide safe shutdown within 5 microseconds to meet the rapid protection requirements of SiC devices. SIC1182K SiC gate driver also has strong external magnetic field immunity, and its package can provide ≥9. 5 mm creepage distance and electrical clearance, and the materials used have reached the highest CTI level of IEC60112 standard--CTI600.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations Gate Driver products, said: Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology opens the door to reduce size and weight, and can also reduce the loss of Power supply system. SCALE- The iDriver product line uses FluxLink™ Technology, can design a cost-effective inverter with very few peripheral components and safe performance to ensure functional safety, smaller package size and higher efficiency.

SCALE- IDriver technology can greatly reduce the number of required peripheral components and reduce BOM cost; No tantalum capacitor or electrolytic capacitor is required, only one secondary winding is required. Double-layer PCB can be used to further simplify design, reduce component count and simplify supply chain management.

The SCALE of Power Integrations- IDriver SIC1182K SiC gate driver meets IEC60664-for low voltage equipment below 1000 V- 1 Insulation matching standard and IEC61800-5-1 Motor drive inverter standard. The new device is about to undergo 5 kVAC instantaneous insulation withstand voltage level certification within 1 minute of UL 1577 safety standard, VDE0884-10 certification in progress

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