Power Integrations launches new SCALE- 2 plug and play type gate driver, can support a variety

by:MOSO     2020-01-02

The driver is not limited to any specific IGBT package or any gate resistor configuration. This flexibility allows designers to test various IGBT modules during development and to be confident that the 1SP0350 v scale- The plug and play Gate Driver will work best. The Plug and Play function can speed up the trial run and realize immediate use after installation. In addition, compared with traditional solutions, highly integrated SCALE- The chipset can reduce the number of components by up to 85%, thus significantly improving reliability.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations high-Power products, said: these new devices are not limited by topology, packaging or the need for external components. They are efficient, durable and flexible, reducing design time and cost of ownership.

1SP0350V SCALE- 2 IGBT drivers comply with IEC creepage distance and safety gap standards (IEC61800-5-1), Is now available. 1SP0350V SCALE- 2 IGBT drivers are now available and are ordered in units of 1,000 pieces at a unit price of US $190. For more details, please see the Power Integrations website: www. Power. Com/products/scale-2-Plug-And-Play-Drivers /.

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