Power Integrations launches new LED downlight Reference Design

by:MOSO     2019-12-29

21ic News Power Integrations recently introduced an LED downlight reference design RDR-347. The new circuit design shows the recently introduced LYTSwitch™ The functional advantages of IC product series not only have the best high-end dimming performance of single-stage LED drivers in the industry, but also have all the relevant efficiency, space and cost advantages brought by single-stage design methods.

RDR- The 347 12 W reference design is based on LYT4313E devices, which can provide 0. 95 or more power factor, and total harmonic distortion (THD)Down to below 10%-Easily meet EN61000-3-2C requirements. The efficiency reaches more than 120 at 86% VAC, which is already the industry-leading performance for isolated solutions that can be compatible with a variety of dimmers. The reason why such high performance can be achieved is that LYTSwitch IC uses an integrated PFC and CC power conversion stage- This helps to minimize losses and reduce the number of components, thus improving reliability and reducing costs.

SCR dimming is a challenge, especially deep dimming, because SCR asymmetry between half cycles will have a significant impact on dimming. RDR- 347 shows that the LYTSwitch driver IC of Power Integrations can work well even at extremely low output current without any slight flash or flicker. The design also shows that there will be no obvious hysteresis (The so-called sudden brightening effect)Even when deep dimming is performed. This IC has a very fast startup time (Less than 500 MS) Even when dimming to an output current of 10%, it is as fast as possible, which can realize instantaneous lighting. Many customers need LED lamps to have this performance, but many designs on the market cannot provide it.

with our LYTSwitch driver, lighting engineers can achieve excellent dimming and minimize efficiency losses, said Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager for Power Integrations.

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