Power Integrations launches new CAPZero- 3 X capacitor discharge IC, conforming to IEC60335 standard

by:MOSO     2019-12-29

deep in high pressure integrated circuit high energy efficiency Power conversion field of well-known the Company Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) CAPZero™ released today- Series 3 devices, which is the latest generation of sophisticated and energy-saving X-capacitor discharge IC of the company. Double terminal CAPZero- 3 IC enables designers to easily meet the IEC60335 safety standard of everyone, and the new IC covers 100 nF to 6 & micro; All capacitance values of F.

IEC60335 is the discharge safety standard covering all household appliances. In order to prevent electrical hazards to users, the standard requires that the voltage of the input X capacitor should be discharged below 34 V within one second after the AC is powered off. CAPZero- The 3 IC can block the current flowing through the discharge resistor of The X capacitor after the AC voltage is turned on, and automatically discharge the X capacitor through these resistors after the AC is powered off. CAPZero- 3 IC can simplify the design of EMI filter circuit while allowing the use of a larger X capacitor, so that small inductive elements can be used without changing power consumption.

CAPZero- The 3 IC can be placed either before or after the system input fuse. The new device has high common-mode surge resistance, so no external grounding connection is required, 1000 v mosfet is integrated internally, and it also has high differential-mode surge resistance. The creepage distance between the package and PCB is kept below 4mm.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: Our new CAPZero- The introduction of 3 IC allows designers to use one component to solve the requirement that the X capacitance value is between 100 nF and 6 & micro; A large number of application problems in large and small household appliances between F.

CAPZero- The device is certified to meet the safety requirements of CB and Nemko, so developers do not need to carry out separate safety tests on the X capacitor discharge circuit of the power supply.

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