Power Integrations launches new 5A peak current Gate Driver to reduce system complexity and cost

by:MOSO     2019-12-31

enhanced insulation by Power Integrations innovative solid insulation FluxLink™ Technology provides, so no optocoupler is required, which can further enhance reliability and stability. SCALE- IDriver technology can reduce the number of BOM items, thus simplifying design and manufacturing; The complete driver can be designed with one SID1102K IC and only eight peripheral components. The device provides system-level protection features, including undervoltage protection, rail-to-rail stable output voltage (Single power supply), High common mode transient immunity and 9. 4 mm creepage distance and electrical clearance.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations Gate Driver products, said: The new SID1102K Gate Driver IC can provide designers with scalable solutions that are easy to implement, and many important safety and protection features are integrated in a compact and robust package, thus shortening the time to market.

The main applications include UPS, standard AC drive and variable frequency drive (VFD) , Photovoltaic/solar systems, commercial air conditioners, DC chargers and welding equipment. The device has now started to be supplied, ordering in units of 10,000 pieces at a unit price of 1. $52. For the technical support information of SID1102K IC, please refer to the Power Integrations website: www. Power. Com/products/SID1102K.

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