Power Integrations Launches Integrated Circuit LinkSwitch™-HP

by:MOSO     2019-12-22

21IC News Power Integrations recently announced the launch of the latest series of energy-saving off-line switch integrated circuit products LinkSwitch™- HP, this series of products can use precise primary side adjustment (PSR), Providing up to 90 W output power.

LinkSwitch- HP Integrated circuits utilize innovative control algorithms as well as main power transformers and output diodes (Replaced optocouplers and related feedback circuits) To determine the power transmitted from the primary side to the isolated secondary side. This method can greatly reduce the number of components, save space and cost, and enhance reliability. Since the advent of Power Integrations's LinkSwitch product line, PSR, which has been popular for more than ten years, has become a number of low-Power applications (For example, mobile phone charger) However, it still cannot meet the constant voltage accuracy required by higher power products. LinkSwitch- HP components are characterized by a unique multi-mode control architecture, which can give full play to the state of PSR technology, making it applicable to 9 W to 90 W chargers.

Doug Bailey, vice president of marketing for Power Integrations, said: this is the first time that Power Integrations has introduced an integrated one-side off-line switch device. LinkSwitch products are currently sold in a significantly higher number than other competitors, the range covers the entire low-power application field, from mobile device chargers to LED lighting, device bias power supplies, and even smart meters. LinkSwitch- HP components extend the power range of PSR to up to 90 W, allowing designers to apply the advantages of PSR to tablet chargers, Ultrabooks (Ultrabook) Power adapter, LCD display, TV, STB, household appliances and embedded charger. LinkSwitch- The power and performance provided by HP Integrated circuits are beyond the reach of any other PSR solution.

LinkSwitch- HP components will automatically select their control mode according to the main line and load conditions, so as to optimize the response to conversion efficiency and instantaneous load demand, while minimizing output ripple and noise. Continuous conduction mode (CCM) The operation will reduce the effective value current, which can produce higher efficiency and less heat dissipation when it is at a full load operation frequency of 132 kHz, so smaller magnetic components and LC rear filter components can be used. LinkSwitch- HP integrated circuit has no load power consumption of less than 30 mW under 230 VAC condition; 0. The efficiency of 1 W input power exceeds 50%; Easily comply with all external power supply energy conservation regulations around the world, such as ErP (EuP)Energy star®EPS V2. 0 and the European Commission energy saving design instruction 2nd stage.

LinkSwitch- HP components also reduce cost and complexity and meet China's safety standard GB4943. 1- 2011, this standard enforces that power supplies that do not meet the strict requirements of distance and interval along the surface must use warning signs. This new regulation is similar to UL 60950- 2007, and will be changed into a mandatory regulation in December 1, 2012, requiring designers to increase the distance between the primary side and the secondary side of the power supply used in equipment above 2000 above sea level to 1. 48 times, otherwise add a warning sign on the product.

LinkSwitch- The HP Integrated Circuit features a comprehensive protective kit, including optional current limit, configurable shutdown delay time extension, voltage shutdown, voltage startup, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and other protection functions. Engineering samples have now been provided, and official products are expected to start shipping by the end of August 2012. LinkSwitch- HP devices are available in two different packages: eSIP-7C and eDIP- 12B, the order quantity is 10,000 pieces (LNK6763V)The unit price is 0. $42. At present, there are two matching evaluation display boards, which can be provided upon request: RDK- 321, 17 W Dual output rotary converter for LCD display; And RDK- 313,30 W, 12 V single output universal converter.

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