Power Integrations launches highly integrated PFC for compact consumer electronics and PC applications

by:MOSO     2020-01-02
HiperPFS™- IC integrates high efficiency controller, MOSFET and boost diode; Helps save space, improve reliability and reduce costs

21ic news, power Integrations, an industry leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient Power conversion, announced today HiperPFS-2 Product Series- A new high efficiency with active power factor correction (active power factor correction) for 100 W to 380 W applications (PFC)IC series devices. HiperPFS- The 2 IC integrates boost PFC controller, driver, pfc mosfet, PFC diode and various protection circuits in the same package, which can realize a particularly compact design, its application scope includes small vertical PC, all-in-one machine, game machine adapter and small power supply used in TV.

HiperPFS- 2 controller the frequency conversion CCM algorithm for 200 W above of design in 265 VAC input. The controller can be in 20% to 100% of load range in provide up to 97% of efficiency, 20% the power factor at the load point is greater than 0. 9. The new device includes the detection element of the connection line. For a typical high-power adapter with a no-load budget of 300 mW, the no-load power consumption accounts for only 60 mW. Due to the integration of soft recovery diodes and short parasitic inductance loops (Thanks to a highly integrated compact design) The conducted and radiated EMI has reached a minimum level.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: HiperPFS- The 2 device is currently the most integrated PFC solution on the market. It enables designers to meet 80 PLUS® in a low-cost and efficient manner in a PC with limited space. Gold and Platinum efficiency standards. The new device also has excellent no-load performance, which can simplify the design and reduce the cost in high-power adapter applications with strict standby or no-load specifications.

HiperPFS- The main applications of IC include TV sets, PC, game machine adapters, telecommunication equipment and industrial products including fans, motor drives and Chargers. In addition, we have also launched HiperPFS-based- 2 IC's new reference design DER- 294, a 350 W output power, boost ccm pfc circuit board with a wide range of AC inputs is introduced. DER- 294 can be achieved in a wide load range at 230 VAC> 97% efficiency, power factor at 20% load point (PF)>0. 9, please refer http://www . Powerint. Com/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/der294. Pdf.

HiperPFS- The 2 device is now available for sample ordering, and it uses Power Integrations innovative eSIP-16 package: Standard eSIP16-D (H package) And L-shaped curved eSIP16 for ultra-thin power supply design-G (L Package). Both packages use isolated metal heat sink pads for simple and quick installation. HiperPFS- The unit price of 2 Series devices based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces is 0. $959.

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