Power Integrations launches high efficiency PAR38 LED spotlight Reference Design

by:MOSO     2019-12-31

21ic News Power Integrations recently introduced a reference design for Dimmable PAR38 spotlights, which is in line with Cree, Inc, a well-known LED lighting company. (Nasdaq stock code: CREE)Developed in cooperation. The design example report corresponding to this new reference design is DER- 350, it uses LYTSwitchTM of Power Integrations- New devices in Series 4 single-stage driver IC LYT4317E and MT of Cree- G2 EasyWhite®LED design.

DER- 350 introduces an isolated LED driver with high power factor and silicon controlled dimming, it can provide 132 drive for LED string with rated voltage of 36 V in the input voltage range of 90 VAC to 550 VAC. LYTSwitchTM-4 IC adopts PFC and constant current (CC) The combined single-stage isolated topology can provide excellent efficiency and make the power factor greater than 0. 98, and use a smaller number of components. It also integrates overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and overheat protection functions.

DER- 350 also showed LYTSwitchTM- The excellent dimming performance of 4 IC-The startup speed is very fast (Less than 200 MS) , Which reduces the sudden brightening phenomenon and does not have a dimming dead zone, thus easily meeting NEMA's dimming curve requirements ( Whether using a front-end dimmer or a back-end dimmer).

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: Cree's MT- G2 EasyWhite LED combines the advantages of high lumen output, excellent optical control and color consistency, making it very suitable for directional lighting such as PAR38 replacement lamp. David Cox, co-development director of Cree, added: the low-cost, high-efficiency drivers of Power Integrations complement our LED, helping to quickly achieve a compact, heat-free and excellent dimming design. Finally, LED lighting solutions that are gradually being accepted by consumers are produced.

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