Power Integrations launches high efficiency LED Driver series with excellent dimming

by:MOSO     2019-12-31

21ic News Power Integrations recently launched its latest LED driver IC product line, which is designed for consumer, commercial and industrial lighting applications. New LYTSwitch™ IC product series can realize accurate voltage regulation and high efficiency in lamp replacement applications and high-rise lamp lighting, while providing excellent performance in SCR dimming bulb applications.

LYTSwitch IC will PFC and constant current (CC) Integrated into a single switching stage, this can improve the efficiency in typical applications to more than 90% and make the power factor greater than 0. 95, and easily meet EN61000-3-2C to total harmonic distortion (THD)Requirements. After optimization, THD can be lower than 10%. The integrated single-stage converter topology can also eliminate high-voltage and large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the driver, even at high ambient temperatures. Accurate primary side control enables the driver to obtain truly strict constant current performance, and the constant current adjustment rate under different loads, wider temperature range and manufacturing differences is better /- 5%, thus obtaining stricter design margin and reducing system cost. The high switching frequency of 132 kHz means that smaller and cheaper cores can be used in space-constrained bulb applications, while frequency jitter also ensures lower EMI filter design requirements. LYTSwitch devices can provide all the common safety functions of Power Integrations products, including overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat protection.

LYTSwitch Series LED driver IC can be used together with front and rear edge silicon controlled dimmer to achieve excellent dimming performance, NEMA SSL6 standard can be easily reached even at low conduction angle. The drive starts very fast, usually less than 500 milliseconds, even when 10% of the light output is turned on. The bulb designed by LYTSwitch IC can be turned on at almost the same dimming angle as when it is turned off, which essentially eliminates sudden lighting. In addition, the dead zone in SCR dimming is also eliminated, because the LYTSwitch controller can ensure that dimming is performed immediately when the dimmer starts to work.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: LYTSwitch IC can be used to design lighting lamps with smaller size and longer service life, and its application range is very wide, including consumer bulbs, commercial lighting and T8 lamps, industrial lighting, high-rise lamps and outdoor lighting. Accurate constant current performance under different working conditions can greatly simplify the design and reduce the cost, while ensuring that the lighting lamp provides uniform and consistent light output.

LYTSwitch IC samples are now in eSIP-7C (E package)And eSIP-7F (L Package) Supply, based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces, the unit price per piece is 0. 70 to 1. $60.

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