Power Integrations launches data sheets and design guides in new mobile apps

by:MOSO     2020-01-07

21ic News Power Integrations announced today the launch of the latest version of PI Databook (PI data sheet and Design Guide). The PI Databook application is a fully mobile implementation of the complete set of Power Integrations technical documents, enabling engineers to learn from any iOS or Android™-based application. The platform's tablets and smartphones access technical data and video materials.

users can browse product information, label, save and share documents through the PI Databook application. The application also has search function and news push function.

Peter Vaughan, director of application engineering for Power Integrations, said: engineers like to use our data sheets and design guidelines. However, the traditional printed Data Manual has become a bit outdated, which is neither easy to carry nor can play video. The PI Databook application enables engineers to search for the designs they need in a more familiar and convenient way and to provide the latest information in a convenient format. With this new application, engineers can quickly check and find the information they need to solve power-related design problems without having to go through every corner of the traditional website.

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