Power Integrations launches A19 LED driver for 100 W incandescent bulb replacement applications

by:MOSO     2019-12-28

Power Integrations, manufacturer of 21ic LED driver IC, recently introduced an 18W high efficiency (88%) , Non-isolated A19 LED driver reference design DER- 323, the driver is PI-based LinkSwitch™- PL Series ultra-thin IC device LNK460VG is designed for 100 W incandescent bulb replacement applications and is suitable for low input operating voltage range (90 VAC to 135 VAC). Its circuit cost is relatively low, requiring only a simple single panel and 25 components. No potting is required and the transformer is replaced by a low-cost inductor.

DER-The 323 uses simple Buck- Boost transformer topology for easy placement of A19 bulbs. The design conforms to EN61000-3-2 (C)Standard, and has more than 0. The high power factor of 98 makes it easy to meet the compliance requirements of commercial and consumer lighting. Since LinkSwitch- Pl ic integrates PFC and CC converter functions in a single-stage topology, so there is no need to use large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, thus prolonging the service life of the product.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: drivers for 60 W A19 bulb LED replacement applications in the lighting industry usually require more than 80% efficiency. In order to make the replacement of 75 W and 100 W bulbs feasible, the driver needs to have higher efficiency in order to reduce the heat dissipation generated by the driver. DER- The efficiency of 323 has reached 88%, which can not only meet this need, but also reduce the complexity and cost of bulb thermal design. In addition, DER- The 323 also has the advantages of being compact, reliable and easy to manufacture, thanks to its low component count, single-stage architecture and the use of inductors that cost less than Transformers.

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