Power Integrations launches 75 W Single-Stage Driver

by:MOSO     2020-01-05

21ic News Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI) The world's most energy-saving and longest-lived offline LED driver IC manufacturer announced today its LinkSwitch®-The ph ic series adds two new members. These two new devices allow commercial lighting applications up to 75 W to enjoy a Single- The advantages of stage design can not only greatly reduce BOM cost, but also make the driver smaller and more efficient.

LNK410EG (Dimming)And LNK420EG (Non-dimming)Provided with a power factor (PF)And total harmonic distortion (THD)Correct the constant current output of the input. RDR showing these new features- The 290 reference design illustrates a single output driver suitable for high patio lighting.

RDR- 290 is suitable for 75 W output design with an efficiency of 92 at 230 VAC. 2%, can easily meet EN61000-3-Class 2 C limit. The power factor is higher than 0. 95. The primary side high voltage electrolytic capacitor is not required, and the actual service life can reach 50,000 hours even if it is used in severe outdoor environment or high ambient temperature.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: by greatly improving Single- The power capability of stage conversion, its advantages of efficiency and durability can be brought into play in industrial and commercial LED lighting, which is also the lighting market that needs the above two characteristics most.

RDR- 290 can be downloaded free of charge from the Power Integrations website http://www . Powerint. Com/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/rdr290. Pdf.

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