Power Integrations launches 150 w led driver design RDK-292

by:MOSO     2020-01-05

21ic News Power Integrations announces 150 W, 48 V Power supply reference design for LED street lamps and other industrial/infrastructure lighting systems. RDR- The efficiency of the driver circuit introduced in 292 can exceed 230 and 110 respectively under 93% VAC and 91% VAC input conditions. This design provides a system power factor (PF)Up to 0. Above 97, THD is less than 10%, which can easily meet EN61000-3-2 C. Under the same design platform, as long as it is simple from HiperPFS™(PFC)And HiperLCS™(LLC) Family members can adjust the design between 75 W and 400 W by selecting different converter ICs and corresponding power device sizes.

RDK- The 292 requires less than 125 components to implement the driver's PFC, LLC and standby power supply circuits, which not only reduces BOM cost, but also has excellent reliability. This design adopts the combination of Power Integrations's highly integrated HiperPFS Power factor correction IC and HiperLCS resonant converter IC. Compared with the traditional LLC solution, this combination can omit up to 35 components in total. HiperLCS also allows the use of smaller cores and output filter capacitors than general LLC designs. This design also integrates Qspeed™ Hybrid PIN Schottky diode can improve ccm pfc efficiency by greatly reducing diode recovery loss compared with traditional ultra-fast Silicon PFC diode.

in order to be installed in the remote lighting control system, this design implements LinkSwitch™ with Power Integrations. - Tn ic-based high efficiency standby power supply function. New CAPZero™ X capacitor discharge IC provides further energy saving effect, which can reduce no-load power consumption by about 264 mW at 800 VAC input. Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: LED lighting can save huge expenses for many regions and industries, but without efficient and stable low-cost driver circuits, this energy-saving goal cannot be fully achieved. Power Integrations provides a complete set of products-Such as RDK-292 shows- Provide strong competitiveness for designers of high-power LED lighting systems.

RDK- 292 includes specifications, circuit diagrams, BOM, transformer files, PCB layout and performance data. RDK-is now available on the Power Integrations website-292 and RDR-292.

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