Power Integrations launched new Power transformer for SCALE-IDriver Gate Drive

by:MOSO     2020-01-01

Power Integrations, a leader in medium and high voltage inverter applications (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently launched a series of magnetic isolation transformers, can be the company's SCALE-IDriver™ Series gate drivers provide correct voltage and power. The combination of the two can provide simple, stable and cost-effective DC- DC converter solution without additional voltage adjustment can reduce system cost and development time. This SIT12xxI transformer and SCALE- IDriver IC has been fully UL and VDE certified.

The new SIT12xxI transformer adopts an innovative insulation structure, which can improve reliability and provide high insulation while combining low coupling capacitance. The equipment is suitable for 600 V and 1200 V with 5 V (SIT1253I)Or 15 V (SIT1217I) Dual Channel SCALE with input voltage and 25 V output voltage-IDriver gate driver. This shell-type transformer weighs only 9 grams and can pass the field life extension and high-grade anti-vibration and shockproof test without potting materials. They conform to UL1446, UL61800-5-1, IEC61800-5-1, IEC61558-1 and IEC61558-2-16 standard.

Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager of Power Integrations gate driver, pointed out: IGBT and SiC- SCALE of MOSFET driver IC- Idriver series The Power Integrations of fluxlink™ Magnetic induction two-way communication technology ensures enhanced electromagnetic insulation between the original and the secondary, thus establishing a new standard of insulation integrity and reliability. By providing a perfectly matched transformer, we have reduced the time for system development, compliance and certification, while simplifying the purchase process. The new design of Transformer structure is suitable for industrial applications, providing solid and lightweight isolation DC- The DC solution minimizes common-mode noise coupling.

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