Power Integrations latest LED driver design maximizes efficiency of high voltage LEDs

by:MOSO     2019-12-29

21ic News Power Integrations released a new reference design today (DER-297) It is a high-efficiency, ultra-compact driver designed for B10 LED bulbs. The Power supply is based on LinkSwitch of Power Integrations- PL Series non-isolated single-stage LED driver IC is designed for high voltage LED applications, such as Cree's recent XLamp XM-L and XLamp XT-E series LED products. DER- The 297 can provide the high voltage output required by the LED and improve the overall system efficiency by reducing the power consumption caused by the current in the drive inductor and the output diode.

DER- The 297 power supply design uses only 20 components in total, which is active and small, and the cost-effectiveness is very significant. LinkSwitch- PL devices have extremely high integration level, which is in a single-stage Buck- PFC and constant current functions are integrated in the boost circuit. For a 4. 3 w led driver, the efficiency of this design can reach 115 at 87% VAC (For 2. 9 W output efficiency up to 86%)At the same time, the power factor exceeds 0. 9, this can easily meet EN61000-3- 2 Class C limit requirements and total harmonic distortion (THD)Less than 20%.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations in charge of LED application business, said: small B10 bulbs and lighting applications with the same compact shape pose great challenges to LED lamps. DER- LinkSwitch used in 297- PL devices can not only reduce the volume of the driver, but also improve its working efficiency, so we can load the design into B10 lamp holder without using perfusion compound or sacrificing its performance. Streamlined bill of materials (BOM) It also means that the cost of the converter is extremely low, making DER- 297 is very suitable for the lighting market with increasingly fierce price competition. Mark McClear, Cree's director of application engineering, added: The positive small outer shell of B10 bulb poses a very difficult engineering challenge for driver designers. LinkSwitch for Power Integrations-PL devices use buck- The boost topology can not only provide smooth driving for LED, but also easily meet various physical and heat dissipation specifications with low component number and high working efficiency.

DER- 297 can be downloaded from the Power Integrations website http://www . Powerint. Cn/sites/default/files/PDFFiles/der297. Pdf.

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