Power Integrations introduces new InnoMux technology to improve the efficiency of display Power supply

by:MOSO     2019-12-30

Power Integrations, a leader in the high voltage integrated circuit industry dedicated to energy-efficient Power conversion (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently released InnoMux™ for display power supplyChipset. The chipset adopts a unique single-stage Power Architecture, which can reduce the power consumption level of display applications. Compared with the conventional power supply scheme, the overall efficiency of the constant voltage and constant current LED Backlight Drive circuit can be improved by 50%, the power efficiency reaches 91%. In addition, TV and display designers can also reduce the number of components by more than 50%, thus reducing the manufacturing cost and enhancing the reliability of the Power board.

This new chipset includes an InnoMux controller IC and an InnoSwitch™3-MX isolated switch IC. InnoSwitch3- MX is the newest member of the Power Integrations flyback switching IC product family, which integrates a primary FET, a primary side controller, a secondary side controller for synchronous rectification, and FluxLink™ that eliminates Optocouplers. High speed communication technology. InnoSwitch3- MX accepts control information from InnoMux IC, which can measure the load requirements of each output separately and instruct InnoSwitch3- The switching operation of MX provides appropriate power to each output to maintain the adjustment accuracy of current or voltage. This eliminates the common load and cross regulation challenges in conventional multi-output power supplies, so there is no need to use a post-stage voltage stabilizing circuit. The overall power conversion efficiency is increased by 10%, which can save heat sink and eliminate overheated hot spots, while easily meeting the upcoming energy star®8. 0 display standard and the latest CEC power consumption standard scheduled to take effect in July 2019.

InnoMux technology is unique in that it can support accurately adjusted constant current and constant voltage output at the same time, it can realize the control of one to four constant current channels and up to two constant voltage outputs. This flexibility can meet the common logic, audio and LED power supply requirements in televisions and displays. The IC can provide overload protection for each output. InnoMux technology also supports complex dimming applications required for LED constant current output, including analog dimming and PWM dimming, as well as alternating and hybrid dimming through dedicated analog and PWM control pins, the dimming amplitude is reduced to 1. The level of 5%.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: developers can take advantage of InnoMux's Power conversion efficiency in two ways: they can develop high-efficiency displays and televisions to meet manufacturers' specification targets and regional energy efficiency regulations, or they can also reduce light efficiency requirements, use low-cost LED and simpler and cheaper diffuser to reduce the cost of the display panel, while still meeting the energy star 8 to be implemented in the future. 0 standard.

now, Power Integrations has developed two reference designs related to new products--DER-635 and DER-636. DER- 636 is a 40 W display power supply with one constant voltage output and four constant current outputs. DER- 635 is a 45 w TV application power supply that can provide 2 constant voltage outputs and 1 constant current output.

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