Power Integrations introduces long service life and high efficiency LED lighting driver design

by:MOSO     2020-01-02

21ic News Power Integrations recently introduced a new long-life LED driver reference design. DER- 340 introduces a wide range for industrial and mining lamps, outdoor and street lighting applications (90 VAC to 308 VAC)High power factor LED driver power supply.

In DER- The LED driver detailed in 340 uses LinkSwitch of Power Integrations- The PH series power conversion IC is designed to integrate a single-stage power factor correction (PFC)And accurate constant current (CC)Output Control. The efficiency of a single-stage LED driver architecture is usually up to 5% higher than that of a two-stage design, because the latter's separate PFC circuit and constant current circuit each have losses. High-voltage and large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors are the components with the lowest reliability in traditional lighting power supply circuits, but they do not need to be used in single-stage design, thus enabling lighting products to reach a service life of 50,000 hours. In addition to providing a very efficient solution for standard lighting applications in benign environments, DER- 340 also uses ceramic output capacitors and LinkSwitch- The precise hysteresis thermal shutdown function of ph ic can easily cope with poor ventilation and high ambient temperature in industrial applications.

Andrew Smith, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: Power is usually a weak link in LED lights. This situation especially occurs in industrial and infrastructure lighting applications because their harsh working conditions can cause traditional power supplies to fail in a short period of time. This will not only reduce the high cost-effectiveness of solid-state lighting itself, but also deviate from the long service life of LED technology lighting products. Due to the extremely high power conversion efficiency and the absence of high-voltage and large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors, DER- 340 can provide a framework that can not only avoid this problem, but also fulfill the promise of long service life.

Single-stage topology can also reduce the number of components, enabling developers to use single-sided circuit boards and smaller housings. DER- 340 has very high energy efficiency- 230 at 88% VAC and 120 at 87% VAC. The tolerance of output current is less than 5% under different input voltages, loads and temperatures. LinkSwitch for Power Integrations- PH series IC has comprehensive integrated protection function and reliability, including: output open circuit/output short circuit protection (With automatic recovery function); Input overvoltage shutdown (Extended voltage tolerance range in case of input failure); Automatic Recovery thermal shutdown with greater hysteresis (Can protect components and PCB boards at the same time). DER- The 340 LED driver power supply can meet the requirements including IEC 61000-4-5. IEC 61000-3- All applicable international standards including Class C and EN55015 B.

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