Power Integrations innovative CAPZero X capacitive discharge IC meets IEC 62

by:MOSO     2020-01-03
simple, self-powered dual-terminal devices can automatically and safely eliminate losses in Power EMI filters

Power Integrations announced its innovation today CAPZero® The series of dual-terminal automatic X-capacitor discharge ICs can meet IEC 62368 standard, a new overall safety standard covering televisions and IT equipment. CAPZero's product line can not only eliminate power consumption, but also make the power supply conform to safety standards. The new standard will replace IEC 60950 and IEC 60065 and become a mandatory standard.

CAPZero IC is an intelligent high voltage switch, which is connected in series with resistors used to provide a safe discharge path for the X capacitor of the power supply. If this switching mechanism is not adopted, these discharge resistors will generate constant power consumption when AC is turned on, thus causing significant no-load and standby input power consumption. After AC voltage is applied, CAPZero X capacitor discharge IC can block the current to the discharge resistor, thus reducing the power loss in these components to zero. After the AC voltage is powered off, CAPZero can automatically discharge the X capacitor safely by closing the circuit and keeping the electric energy away from the exposed AC plug.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: once the new standard enters the mandatory stage, electrical equipment adopting commercial Power voltage must be affixed with IEC 62368 certification mark. CAPZero IC is certified to meet the new standards and can provide a simple, low-cost and efficient solution that eliminates discharge resistance losses while minimizing changes to the system or PCB layout. This method can provide engineers with comprehensive flexibility in selecting X capacitors, thus optimizing differential mode EMI filtering and providing engineers with cost-effective options, not only can no-load power consumption, power factor and EMI be optimized, but also the latest safety regulations can be met.

CAPZero IC can be used before or after the system inputs the fuse, because the innovative X capacitor discharge IC itself has met all international safety standards for open and short circuit fault testing. The device is suitable for all AC-with X capacitance- DC converters, which integrate 825 V or 1000 v mosfet, can meet the needs of various power supply designs. These applications include PCs, servers/workstations, monitors and televisions, printers and notebook computers, as well as appliances that meet ErP Lot 6 requirements and adapters that require extremely low no-load power consumption.

CAPZero IC now uses SO- 8 package supply, based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces, the price per piece is 0. $40.

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