Power Integrations InnoSwitch 3 won '2017 Product Award'

by:MOSO     2020-01-07

Power Integrations, a leader in the high voltage integrated circuit industry dedicated to energy-efficient Power conversion (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently announced its InnoSwitch™ Series 3 constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching power supply IC was obtained by electronics Today magazine in conjunction with 21ic. The 2017 Product Award issued by com website.

InnoSwitch™ 3 series constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching Power supply IC adopts Power Integrations innovative isolated digital communication technology-- FluxLink™ In addition, it also has synchronous rectification, quasi-resonant switch and accurate secondary feedback detection and control circuit. InnoSwitch3 devices are suitable for power supplies that impose stringent requirements on energy consumption, form factor, or thermal constraints, especially those that must meet mandatory total energy consumption (TEC)Standard power supply.

Mike Matthews, vice president of product development for Power Integrations, said: InnoSwitch3 IC has brought the latest and most advanced technical solutions to flyback Power supply design. Compared with our previously highly efficient InnoSwitch products, these new devices are more efficient, can further reduce losses by 25%, and provide consistent and efficient performance under any input voltage and load conditions. InnoSwitch3 IC scheme has the characteristics of extremely simple system and few components, which can realize ultra-compact high-reliability power supply and has a wide range of applications.

The 2017 Product Award was awarded by electronics today and 21ic. Com website jointly held screening awards. The award is evaluated, discussed and finalized according to three criteria: whether the product has outstanding performance in technology or function; Whether the product can grasp the development trend of technology or application and make corresponding improvements and whether the product is easy to develop and apply.

About Power Integrations

Power Integrations, Inc. It is a leading innovator in semiconductor technology in the field of high voltage power conversion. The company's products are a key component of the clean energy ecosystem, which can realize the effective transmission and consumption of new energy power generation and power in milliwatt to megawatt applications.

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