Power Integrations Gate Driver three paint protection

by:MOSO     2019-12-23

What is three-proof paint?

The Three-proof paint process refers to coating a layer of polymer film to completely cover the outline of the printed circuit board, thus providing protection for circuit board components. The electronic circuit is coated with three-proof paint to prevent moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. If not sprayed (Unprotected)Can cause damage or malfunction of electronic components. When electronic components must withstand harsh environments and need better protection, Power Integrations can apply three-proof paint to the drive plate assembly during the production process according to this need.

What are the benefits of three-proof paint?

• Power Integrations's door driver is coated with three-proof paint at the factory, and the manufacturer does not need to send the board to the subcontractor for cleaning and painting, can reduce inventory cost, shorten delivery cycle and reduce total cost of ownership

• We test, clean and paint the drive board in our own factory, which can reduce the chance of pollution of the drive board before painting

• The three-proof paint process fully conforms to IEC 60068- 2 Test standard

• Optical inspection is adopted at the end 100% of the production line, and the process is controlled

which applications can benefit from the three-proof paint?

all IGBT modules and drivers are exposed to harsh environments and need to provide three-proof paint protection. These applications include:

• Offshore and onshore wind farms

• Traction main and auxiliary inverter

• HVDC station

• Solar power station

• How did the three-proof paint products of medium voltage inverter

PI in mining and oil and gas industry pass the certification?

Power Integrations use advanced acrylic varnish that is standard in the automotive industry. This highly automated painting process fully complies with IEC 60068-2 test standards. In order to pass the certification, several related tests will be performed:

•IEC60068-2-6:2008-10 vibration (Sine)Test

•IEC60068-2-27:2010- 02 impact test

•IEC60068-2-78: 2012- 10 steady-state damp heat test

•IEC60068-2-1:2007- 03 Low Temperature Test

•IEC60068-2-2:2007- 07 dry heat test

•IEC60068-2-14:2009- 01 hot and cold cycle test

•IEC60068-2-11 Salt Spray Test

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