Power Integrations for Fairchild (Fairchild)Another permanent ban on infringing products

by:MOSO     2019-12-22

The ban covers about 80 infringing components and other components that use similar infringing circuits

San Jose, California, USA, 2014- Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) It was announced today that the Federal District Court of Delaware in the United States has approved another permanent injunction application filed against Fairchild semiconductor products for infringement of their patents. The ruling was released yesterday, and in 2012 the jury found that about 80 Fairchild products violated three Power Integrations patents. The ban will take effect immediately; The following is a list of Fairchild products that have been banned:

The court also ruled that any other integrated frequency jitter and/or saw limiter (Constant output power)The function of Fairchild products is also listed in the ban. In addition, the court also ordered Fairchild to notify all customers, distributors and other third parties purchasing infringing products of the ban. Financial losses caused by patent infringement will be determined in future court proceedings.

The court has (SG) The subsidiary has made a series of rulings on Power Integrations's series of patent infringements. Yesterday's ruling is the latest. On 2006, the Federal Court ruled that Fairchild had infringed four patents of Power Integrations and imposed a permanent ban on more than 100 infringing products of Fairchild (Listed below). The court then found that the infringement was an intentional act and described Fairchild's act as blatant plagiarism. Earlier this year, the court ordered Fairchild to accept third-party supervision after discovering that it violated the ban.

On 2006, the US International Trade Commission ( International Trade Commission)Recognized Chongmao Technology Co. , Ltd (SG) Infringement of two Power Integrations patents, and subsequently issued an exclusion order prohibiting infringing products from entering the U. S. market. In a trial in the federal district court in California earlier this year, the jury ruled that Fairchild intentionally violated two patents of Power Integrations and should pay a total of 1. $0. 5 billion in damages. In addition, Power Integrations is targeting about 140 Fairchild products involved in the ruling, as well as any other frequency reduction (Fairchild is called Green mode) And external adjustable current limit infringement function products filed a permanent ban application. Some components found infringing in California are now applicable to the injunction issued by Delaware courts.

Balu Balakrishnan, president and chief executive officer of Power Integrations, said: As we continue to prevent Fairchild from openly infringing our intellectual property rights, this latest court ruling is another major development. So far, the court has ruled four times that Fairchild has infringed our patents, including repeated infringements of the same patents. We hope that today's ruling and the recent ruling will help to end Fairchild's illegal behavior.

The following are Fairchild products that have been listed on the permanent ban list according to early judgment:

The following is the list of Fairchild/SG products that have been included in the ITC exclusion order:

earlier this year, in the above-mentioned California court lawsuit, the court ruled that the following Fairchild products violated the frequency reduction and external adjustable current limit function patents of Power Integrations:

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