Power Integrations delivers 100th million gallium nitride-based InnoSwitch3 IC

by:MOSO     2020-01-08

deep in high pressure integrated circuit high energy efficiency Power conversion field of well-known the Company Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently announced the delivery of the company's PowiGaN™ The 100th th InnoSwitch™ of gallium nitride technology3 switching power supply IC. At the event site of Anke innovation Shenzhen headquarters, Power Integrations CEO Balu Balakrishnan personally handed over 100th gallium nitride IC to Anke CEO Yang Meng. Anker is a well-known charger and adapter manufacturer in the industry, dedicated to providing compact and powerful usb pd adapters to retailers around the world, as well as various chargers and adapters for notebook computers, smart mobile devices, set-top boxes, monitors, home appliances, network devices and gaming products.

InnoSwitch3 constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching power supply IC using PowiGaN technology can provide up to 95% high efficiency performance under various load conditions. PowiGaN primary switch has extremely low switching and conduction losses, and the new device is packaged in a space-saving InSOP 24D surface mount package, in closed adapter applications, 100 W output power can be provided without using heat sink. InnoSwitch3-in quasi-resonant mode-CP, InnoSwitch3-EP and InnoSwitch3- Pro IC integrates primary power switches, primary and secondary control circuits, and safety-isolated high-speed links linked (FluxLink™) At the same time, the secondary SR driver and feedback circuit are integrated. PowiGaN's excellent switching performance can greatly improve efficiency, thus realizing a compact adapter design.

Balakrishnan said: Anke is a well-known company in the world's compact charger design field and is also PI's first customer to purchase InnoSwitch3 products using PowiGaN technology in large quantities. I am very happy to feel Anke's vision and outstanding technology, and thank Mr. Yang for his important contribution to the successful use of high-voltage gallium nitride technology in large quantities in the market.

at the same time, Yang Meng said: by using InnoSwitch3 IC based on PowiGaN technology, we can provide the market with a more compact and lightweight high-power output usb pd charger. We are very happy to use this innovative technology to help all electrical equipment achieve the goal of faster charging. We believe that this technological advantage will enable us to obtain positive market feedback and good customer response.

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