Power Integrations are now available through automotive grade AEC-Q100 certification SCALE-IDriver

by:MOSO     2019-12-27

in high pressure inverter application field door very Drive technology of leader Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI)Recently announced its two SCALE-IDriver™ Gate Driver IC series devices have now passed automotive grade AEC- Certification of Q100 Grade 1 standard. These two devices are SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ respectively, which are suitable for driving 650 V, 750 V and 1200 V automotive IGBT and SiC- MOSFET module, and its rated peak current is /-2. 5 A and /-8 A. SID1182KQ can provide the maximum output current in similar isolated gate drivers and can drive 600 A/1200 V and 820 A/750 V switches.

SCALE- IDriver series Single Channel IGBT and SiC- MOSFET driver IC uses Power Integrations innovative FluxLink™ Magnetically induced two-way communication technology can ensure enhanced insulation between the primary and secondary parties, thus establishing a new standard of insulation integrity and reliability. FluxLink technology can eliminate photoelectric devices. The parameters of such devices will change over time and the service life will be limited by higher Temperature derating. The magnetic coupling conductor is embedded in a uniform thermosetting material, and the high quality insulation performance greatly improves the working stability and service life of the device. The new device uses Power Integrations in a compact, robust eSOP package that provides CTI 600 class 9. 5 mm creepage distance and electrical clearance, and easily meet the requirements of automobile grade 5500 altitude.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations Gate Driver products, said: auto manufacturers require pure electric vehicles (EV)And hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) Applications provide safe, intelligent and highly integrated solutions, including main inverter, brake chopper, DC-DC battery converter and AC-DC car battery charger design. SCALE- IDriver Gate Driver product series through AEC- Q100 certification enables automotive design engineers to improve system efficiency and benefit for the first time from this super safe and reliable insulation technology. Our FluxLink magnetic coupling technology transmits data through magnetic isolation and provides a 0. Minimum internal isolation of 4mm. SCALE- IDriver automotive grade IC improves driver safety and insulation safety to a new level.

SCALE- IDriver devices can minimize the number of required peripheral components, which helps to streamline BOM and support the use of double-layer PCB boards, thus reducing interference and improving the reliability of the entire system. Due to SCALE- IDriver IC only needs one Unipolar Voltage for automobile DC-DC power supply can get significantly simplified. The built-in voltage and power management circuit can adjust the necessary positive and negative gate drive voltages. The new IC has perfect safety functions, including advanced soft shutdown (ASSD)Function and undervoltage protection function.

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