Power Integrations and Casambi Technologies jointly launch dimming

by:MOSO     2020-01-12

This design is based on Power Integrations InnoSwitch- CH power supply controller, which integrates primary, secondary and feedback circuits into a surface mount off-line flyback switching IC at the same time. The IC not only integrates the primary side Power FET, the primary side controller and the secondary side synchronous rectifier controller, but also integrates the magnetic induction coupling technology of Power Integrations--FluxLink. The technology enables the device to safely span both ends of the safety isolation belt, thus eliminating the optocoupler. Secondary side control can realize high precision constant voltage adjustment and ultra-fast step load response, while simple PWM control can eliminate secondary DC/DC regulator. The IC has the characteristics of high efficiency and extremely low standby power consumption, which can eliminate additional heat sinks and enable customers to design DOE-6 schemes required by energy efficiency standards. The built-in secondary auxiliary power supply output is used to support RF and MCU control circuits.

CBM- 001 is a class 2 embedded Bluetooth 4 specially designed for LED lighting control applications, lamps and LED bulbs. 0 module. It has built-in Casambi-specific firmware and is fully compatible with other Casambi devices. Via Bluetooth 4. 0 protocol, CBM- 001 can be wirelessly controlled by the Casambi application of smart phones and tablets. These devices automatically form a self-healing and self-organizing wireless mesh network, so a large number of lights can be controlled from any point. Moreover, no additional Gateway module is required.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, director of marketing for Power Integrations LED lighting products, said: intelligent lighting systems can monitor and control complex home and workplace lighting equipment. The standby power required by the control subsystem usually offsets the energy savings brought by high-efficiency LED. Casambi's low quiescent current consumption and InnoSwich- The combination of CH's extremely low standby power consumption can greatly optimize the standby performance of the whole system while ensuring the realization of real-time lighting output.

Casambi co-founder and CEO Timo Pakkala added: Power Integrations InnoSwitch- CH power controller has extremely high efficiency, especially under light load. This ensures that our Bluetooth module works continuously and efficiently, giving users a better experience in terms of performance and scalability.

DER- The 612 can provide RGBW lighting through a simple parallel LED string.

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