Power Integration introduces a highly flexible gate driver system suitable for the latest 1. 7 kV to 4. 5

by:MOSO     2019-12-21

deep in high pressure inverter application door very drive technology in the field of well-known the Company Power Integrations (Nasdaq stock code: POWI)Recently launched SCALE-IFlex™ Gate Drive system, new product suitable for durability between 1. 7 kV to 4. 5 kV IGBT, hybrid and silicon carbide (SiC)MOSFET power module. The system is controlled by a central insulation Master (IMC)And one or four module-adapted gate drivers (MAG)Composition. IMC provides 4. 5 kV withstand voltage. These MAG can support different power modules, manufacturers and semiconductor switching technologies of 1700 V, 3300 V and 4500 V voltage levels.

SCALE- The iFlex Gate Driver system easily supports the parallel connection of the industry's latest power modules, providing reliable and highly flexible system scalability at minimal development costs. The position of MAG is close to the control terminal of the module, which can provide excellent switching performance. IMC is used in MAG and the user's MCU processing function ( For example, PWM commands, short circuit and undervoltage fault reports, and NTC and DC bus voltage measurements)Perform all necessary communication between them.

IMC is equipped with electrical interface or optical fiber interface conforming to reinforced insulation, and conforms to EN 1700-of 3300 V and 50124 V power modules-1. IEC 61800-5-1 and UL 61800-5-1 Standard. The fiber IMC also meets the basic insulation requirements of 4500 V semiconductors. The device is coated with double-sided three-proof paint, and the product has undergone comprehensive online testing (ICT), 100% for HIPOT (High voltage insulation) And partial discharge test to ensure extremely high reliability. The new device has a complete set of protection features, such as undervoltage protection, advanced soft shutdown (ASSD)Short circuit protection and enhanced insulation (3300 V withstand voltage)NTC temperature detection.

Thorsten Schmidt, product technical manager of Power Integrations, said: SCALE- IFlex Gate Driver system is suitable for all first-line module manufacturers' latest 1700 V to 3300 V power modules. The system can provide extremely high reliability for demanding applications, including wind turbine inverters, Industrial Drive and main propulsion and auxiliary inverters for rail transit applications.

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