Power electronic devices applied in switching power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-24
High-frequency switching power supply is its development direction. High-frequency switching power supply is miniaturized and has entered a wider range of applications, especially in high-tech fields, it has promoted the development of switching power supply and is developing towards light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-interference with a growth rate of more than two digits every year. Switching power supplies can be divided into two categories: AC/DC and DC/DC. DC/DC converters have been modularized, and the design technology and production process have been mature and standardized at home and abroad, and has been recognized by users, but the modularization of AC/DC, due to its own characteristics, has encountered more complicated technical and process manufacturing problems in the process of modularization. In addition, the development and application of switching power supply are of great significance in saving energy, resources and environment. The power electronic devices used in switching power supply are mainly diodes, IGBT, MOSFET and Transformers. SCR has a small number of applications in the input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit of switching power supply. GTR is difficult to drive and has low switching frequency, which is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET. The development direction of switching power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization. Since the key technology of light, small and thin switching power supply is high frequency, all major foreign switching power supply manufacturers are committed to simultaneously developing new high-intelligence components, especially improving the loss of secondary rectifier components, and increase the technology * * on the power ferrite material to improve the high frequency and large magnetic flux density (Bs) High magnetic properties are obtained, and miniaturization of capacitors is also a key technology. The application of SMT technology has made great progress in switching power supply. Components are arranged on both sides of the circuit board to ensure light, small and thin switching power supply. The high frequency of switching power supply will inevitably carry out * * on the traditional PWM switching technology. The soft switching technology of ZVS and ZCS has become the mainstream technology of switching power supply, the working efficiency of the switching power supply is greatly improved. For High Reliability Index, American switching power supply manufacturers reduce the stress of devices by reducing operating current, junction temperature and other measures, thus greatly improving the reliability of products. In addition, our company also sells DC/DC, power module and other products. The company has * actual combat technology and professional operation team to create services based on user experience for you, the perfection of service is our endless pursuit. Because people-oriented, so trustworthy; Because of professional full-time, it is worth choosing; Looking forward to your call negotiation!
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