Power adapter the choice of material for shell material how much you know

by:MOSO     2020-03-17
Power adapter has been widely applied in people's life, but all kinds of different quality of the power adapter is also a large number of flow to the market, but do not know you have to know about power adapter shell material? The science and technology of shenzhen moso power adapter manufacturer to introduce you to the power adapter shell material difference, you know more about this kind of information, also can largely avoid some safety hidden trouble! Power adapter shell usually are made of plastic material, of course, part of the industrial power supply with metal case. We generally common power adapter shell material, there are mainly ABS material, ABS + PC material, pure PC material. In general, we only use these three materials, let's introduce where the difference of these material one by one. First of all let's pure PC material, pure PC material with high strength and modulus of elasticity, using temperature range wide, ( The material of ABS in general can only be used in the - Using 25 degrees to 60 degrees) , another PC material with high transparency and freedom of dyeing, so the power adapter to do all sorts of color is very good, the material also has the fatigue resistance, weatherability, tasteless, odourless harmless to human body, is in line with the health and safety. So how are ABS material? ABS material characteristics, first of all, low strength, heat resistance, generally use the highest temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, compared this PC material sent many, ABS is more commonly used in household appliances. Synthesis material of ABS and PC, in front of the two characteristic, excellent processing performance, good flowability, high strength. ABS + PC material, easy to machining, the dimensional stability and surface gloss, easy painting, coloring, also can undertake spraying, electroplating, metal welding and adhesive and other secondary processing performance. Due to the nature of ABS combines the characteristics of three kinds of components, make it has excellent comprehensive performance, become the electrical components, household appliances, computers, and instrumentation plastic one of first choice. On the choice of power adapter shell material, basically all is pure PC material and PC + ABS is given priority to, although the cost comparison before there will be a rise, power adapter price will be different, but in the environmental protection and safety, ABS has become more and more don't match the market demand now! So power adapter manufacturer to remind you when choosing the power adapter, try to choose large manufacturers to buy!
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