Power adapter plate identification number and what is the cause of the plug is inconsistent shenzhen moso technology

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
Don't know if you have notice that sometimes the power adapter products do not match the numerical value and power adapter plug, then appear this kind of circumstance is caused by the factory mistake or another reason? The power adapter manufacturer to analyse the situation for you. In order to more intuitive explanation, we directly for example, to illustrate the general desktop type power adapter plate type is 100 - 240 v, however general AC line pin silk screen at the other end is generally 10 a / 250 v ~ ( The gage pins) , it is obviously more than 250 v power adapter itself of 240 v, don't such labeling is wrong? Actually not yes, actually it represents 10 a 250 v plug is the significance of the limit working conditions, means of 10 a work situation does not allow for more than 10 a. From the Angle of the voltage, the general input power adapter is marked with 100 - 240 v, of course, some of the market is not the same, Places like India, for example) , and the power adapter itself the factory before the test, are generally use 96 v - To 265 v power adapter to test, test, etc. , in 100 - to ensure that products 240 v work will not fail. So after the above explanation, I believe everyone for labeling problem have more intuitive understanding of the problem of inconsistency, is not the manufacturer error or other reasons, the markup itself to comply with safety standards, so you don't need too much worry when coming up against this problem, but the power adapter manufacturer remind, best buy power adapter to related manufacturers or regular store to buy, don't buy the fake products! Pay more attention to detailed consultation please shenzhen moso technology co. , LTD. !
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