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by:MOSO     2020-03-18
The power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic power supply voltage transformation equipment, mainly used for tablet, router, mobile device such as a power supply. Now, is filled with a lot of power adapter products on the market, prices ranged from a few pieces, dozens of commonly, many consumers are facing a choice a rare problem, in this adapter manufacturer to remind, the choose and buy the power adapter must be careful! The personage inside course of study says, electronic adapter must be in accordance with national mandatory standard, if there is a quality defect, can cause electronic equipment damage, serious or cause safety accidents such as fire. Earlier, the national supervision and spot check 56 kinds of products, there are 34 kinds of product spot-check qualified rate of over 90%, but there are three kinds of spot-check qualified rate lower than 80%. In electrical and electronic categories, selective examination during the first half of the 11 kinds of 672 companies, 672 batches of product sampling percent of pass is 87. Improves the 8 6%, more than 2015 years. 3%. Among them, electric blanket, electric oven and bake for appliances, such as indoor heater product sampling percent of pass is above 90%; Handheld information processing equipment, household electric washing machines, refrigerators and other product spot-check qualified rate under 90%. Power adapter quality problem is prominent, product sampling percent of pass is 77. 2%, the main problem is the radiation harassment unqualified project. So how to buy safe power adapter? The first point: select have CCC certification of products, at present our country standard GB4943 main power adapter. 1 - 2011 'information technology equipment safety part 1: general requirements', the GB8898 - 2011 the audio, video and similar electronic equipment safety requirements. GB 9254 - 2008 'information technology equipment of radio disturbance limits and measurement methods, GB - 13837 2003 'the sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment measuring methods of radio disturbance characteristics of limit and', etc. Consumers can be found on the adapter plate power adapter manufacturer information, and then in the related website as far as possible the certificate of authenticity and validity. The second point: check the power adapter. Qualified product will consist of rated input voltage and rated voltage range, the power of the nature of symbols, safety instructions and other information, consumers don't buy all foreign signs power adapter products. The third point: check the specifications of the original adapter parameters, output voltage need to be consistent with the original adapter. Fourth: check whether the adapter interface matched with the device. Fifth: price, in general, conform to the compulsory certification of adapter products are generally not too cheap, price is the best to do more comparison, do not covet petty gain. General types of products with power, a proposal to the middle price for reference, and then floating up and down.
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