Power adapter manufacturers power adapter manufacturers teach you how to safely use power adapters?

by:MOSO     2020-02-15
Recently, Mr. Wang, who sold power adapters, said:' Under normal circumstances, the failure of the power adapter is mostly in the line, such as the interface, the wire and the adapter connector, etc. Because these parts are often bent, it is easy to cause the power cord to break, or poor contact. This kind of fault can be repaired. After opening it, it will be OK to change a new line. In fact, many of the second-hand adapters sold on the market are replaced or refurbished, and the repair will not affect the normal use. It seems that the power adapter is not'A rotten' If you have friends who are proficient in electrical knowledge, you can also make'Slip'Adapter for'Regain a new life'. It is generally indicated on the adapter that' Only for indoor and information products' Therefore, you should try to avoid using it outdoors or in harsh environments to prevent the adapter from being exposed to sunlight or moisture. Not only the adapter, many electronic products should pay attention to these two points. Because, exposure will accelerate the aging of wires, shells, etc. , and will also increase the use temperature. As for moisture, it may cause internal short circuit, causing burning. The power adapter manufacturer teaches you how to use the power adapter safely? Unplug the power plug when you are not using the adapter. Because, a long time of power will make the adapter has been in the working state, affecting the service life. In addition, the connection between the power cord and the adapter should be taken extra care of, and the angle of the Wire bending cannot be too dead, which is likely to break the wire. And the connection of the adapter should also avoid bending, otherwise it will cause poor contact. Although the adapters are all broadband operating voltages, marked from 100 V--- 240 V, but if used under unstable voltage, it will also cause damage. As we all know, the notebook power adapter is connected by two parts, one side is the power adapter, the other side is the power cord and the connecting hole of the plug-in notebook, when the power adapter that part fails, sometimes we can only replace that part, and there is no need to change the connecting hole. So the question now is, if the output current of the power supply with the same nominal voltage is different, can it be used on the same notebook? The basic principle is that the power supply with large nominal current can replace the power supply with small nominal current. Notebook Adapter is actually a high-precision and high-efficiency switching-type regulated power supply. Its function is to convert 220 v ac mains power into low-voltage direct current, providing stable power for notebook normal operation, it is even called Notebook's'The source of power'. Because the inside of the power adapter is a switching power supply working in the state of high voltage and large current, the working load is relatively heavy, and it is a fully enclosed structure, there is no heat dissipation hole on the shell, and there is no fan inside to assist in heat dissipation, therefore, the internal temperature of the power adapter is very high during operation. Especially in the hot summer, you can feel the hot hand when you touch the surface with your hand, and the internal temperature is higher. Therefore, in daily office and entertainment, it should be properly maintained and maintained. Create good heat dissipation. In hot summer, we can put the power adapter on the side to the environment. When using a notebook in a high temperature environment, the power adapter should be placed in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilated; Do not put the power adapter near the heat dissipation outlet of the notebook, otherwise not only the heat of the power adapter cannot be dissipated, but also absorb part of the heat to increase the contact area between the adapter and the air, so that the heat of the adapter can be better dissipated. In order to obtain better heat dissipation effect, we can also pad a narrow plastic block or metal block between the adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the adapter and speed up the heat dissipation of the adapter. No matter any power supply has a certain internal resistance, when the power supply outputs current, a voltage drop will be generated internally, which is equal to the output current multiplied by the internal resistance of the power supply. The voltage drop will cause two things, one is to generate heat, equal to the square of the output current multiplied by the internal resistance, so the power supply will be hot, the other is the output voltage becomes the nominal voltage minus the internal voltage drop, resulting in the output voltage is reduced. In general, considering the problem of heat dissipation, a current value is generally limited. When the output current reaches this value, the output voltage is reduced to 95%of the nominal voltage, or other proportions, each manufacturer can set a higher or lower ratio according to the different needs of the load products. This current value is the nominal current. When the power adapter is found to be too hot, it should be stopped immediately. If it is found to be very hot in a short period of time, then it may be that the voltage and current of the power adapter used and the original power adapter of the notebook are quite different, it is recommended to compare the original standard current voltage immediately. If there is any deviation, please replace it immediately, otherwise it may burn out the computer and cause unnecessary loss.
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