Power adapter manufacturers power adapter manufacturers share: identify authenticity iPhone power adapter

by:MOSO     2020-02-17
Some time ago, when someone used the iPhone while charging, he was unfortunately killed by electric shock while making a phone call. After investigation, it was basically confirmed that the reason was the fake charger used, at present, the price of an original charger is ¥149 on Apple's official website, while a fake charger on Taobao is only sold in 20 yuan or even lower. However, profiteers are now in power, what is sold under the guise of the original is fake goods, and people have to be forced to practice their eyes to identify the authenticity of the power supply. Moreover, the sales volume of the iPhone is large and the price is relatively transparent, so the profit margin of the merchants is limited. At this time, many merchants often use their brains on the accessories in order to reduce the price to attract customers, for example, replace the original accessories brought in the package with counterfeit accessories. When purchasing accessories separately, this situation is even more common. Today's power adapter manufacturers share: identify the authenticity of the iPhone power adapter. When it comes to power supply, let's first talk about the National Bank and the US version that we commonly use. As shown in the following figure, the National Bank is non-porous, the US version is porous, and the two can be used universally. You can use the authenticity of the power supply with confidence, the most intuitive and easiest way is to look at the print. The color is lighter, but the font is clear. Apple's printing style is always the same. On the left and right sides of the power USB interface, there are resistors and black shields respectively. At present, the counterfeit power supply has not imitated this detail. However, because of the internal test of the USB port, it is really impossible to shoot, so let's mark their position here. 1. The process design of power pin Apple is the first in the world. Paying attention to details is its characteristic, and the power adapter is no exception. The figure below shows that the pins of real goods are round and smooth, while fake goods are pitted, you can tell at a glance. 2, printing logo, in addition to look at the pins, look at the printing can also see that Apple's products have a unique font, and the color is lighter, you have to look carefully to see, the fake is darker in color and can be recognized at a glance. 3, USB interface, Apple's charger also has a serial number, see if the serial number is printed on the USB interface of the charging head, the fake map is convenient, usually not printed. Both mobile phones and computers need power supply and energy supply. After investigation, the power adapter is the equipment that provides power support when there is no power, the general power adapter is composed of a shell, a power transformer and a rectifier circuit. If the classification is generally divided into AC output type and DC output type according to the output type, attention should be paid to distinguishing the types when using it, different brands of electronic products using the original charger and USB cable will be more appropriate, mainly the voltage stability, the life of the equipment can be longer. Finally, compared with counterfeit devices and even Samsung Chargers, the plug on Apple's charger is more difficult to remove, even with pliers. The above is the main method to distinguish the authenticity of Apple's power adapter. After dismantling by experts, it is also found that Apple is integrated on the circuit board through complex circuits. Of course, it is also equipped with excellent and safe components, apple may have a higher price on high-quality components, which is understandable.
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