Power adapter manufacturers power adapter manufacturers popularize CE certification of switching power adapter

by:MOSO     2020-02-15
For many engineers who carry out the research and development of switching power adapter products, sending new products to relevant departments and carrying out strict CE certification is the most critical link in the whole research and development process, it is also directly related to whether the product can meet the export standards. So, what is this CE certification? What are the requirements for CE certification for switching power adapters? Power adapter manufacturers popularize CE certification of switching power adapter. In fact, this so-called CE certification is a short name for EU countries to certify products. If the new product of switching power adapter wants to be exported to European countries, it must be with'CE” Logo, this logo indicates that the product conforms to one or several relevant European directives. This is enforced by law. In the process of certification review, the power adapter products will carry out certification checks such as production quality, product quality, unit verification, EC type test, etc. After the acceptance is passed, the corresponding'CE”Logo. For products that have passed the certification, the EU issued'CE” The logo must be printed on the nameplate and the obvious position on the packaging box, and the height should not be less than 5mm, and it should be scaled according to the scale. Of course, after the power adapter has achieved CE certification, there is also a job that needs to be done by the dealer, that is, to sign the declaration of conformity. When adapter products are exported to Europe, manufacturers must sign a declaration of conformity indicating that their products have met the relevant EU requirements. This statement must be shipped to Europe with the goods, otherwise European customs will not allow the goods to enter. Once the product is found not to meet the CE conditions in Europe, it will be subject to severe sanctions. The necessity of applying for CE certification for switching power adapter: CE certification provides a unified technical specification for the products of various countries to trade in the European market and simplifies the trade procedures. Any country's products must be CE certified to enter the EU and the European free trade area, and CE marks must be affixed to the products. Therefore, CE certification is the pass for products to enter the markets of EU and European trade free zone countries. CE certification means that the product has reached the safety requirements stipulated in the EU directive; It is a kind of commitment of enterprises to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in products; Products marked with CE will reduce the risk of selling in the European market. These risks include: 1. Risks of customs detention and investigation. 2. Risks investigated and dealt with by market supervision agencies. 3. Risk of accusation for competitive purposes by peers. Benefits of applying for CE certification for switching power adapter: EU laws, regulations and coordination standards are not only numerous, but also very complicated. Therefore, it is time-saving and labor-saving to obtain help from EU designated agencies, but also a wise move to reduce risks; Obtaining the CE certification certificate from the EU-designated institution can maximize the trust of consumers and market supervision agencies. Can effectively prevent the occurrence of irresponsible allegations. In the face of litigation, the CE certification certificate of the EU designated institution will become the technical evidence with legal effect. Finally, the power adapter manufacturer is required to remind everyone that the CE certification of the switching power adapter is not something that any organization can do. It is necessary to judge its qualification when conducting the entrusted test, if it is an illegal testing organization, the consequences are very serious. Because if the product is labeled CE without testing, it will be considered as manufacturing fake products, all EU countries will take appropriate measures to severely punish forged CE mark products and other products of the same manufacturer in Europe. Therefore, if the product is tested by some illegal or crude certification bodies, it will be very dangerous.
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