Power adapter manufacturers basic certification and requirements for power adapters in different countries and regions

by:MOSO     2020-02-19
Power adapter is also called ADAPTER, power supply, switching power supply, etc. , mainly used in digital communication products ( Mobile phone charger digital camera charger notebook computer power adapter digital photo frame charger, e-book charger, recording pen charger, LCD power adapter DV charger, etc)Home appliance toys ( Plasma TV power adapter DVD power adapter game charger GPS charger, etc)There are also various electronic instruments using DC ( The repeater used by students, the punch-in machine used by the factory, and the power adapter of science and education equipment used by the school). In the power adapter, UL products require wire, radiation, environmental protection, and high safety performance. Generally, the high voltage test is 2500VDC. Moso technology's certification is very complete. According to pin specifications and certification, it can be divided into CE (European regulations), SAA (Australian regulations), PSE (Japanese rules), 3C (National standard), Degui (GS), Yinggui (BS) Wait, now elaborate on the above specifications: first, CE (European regulations) : Home appliances are currently exported to Europe, and CE marks are required. Although CE mark is not a safety certification mark, in order to reduce risks, domestic manufacturers often pass some international authoritative certification bodies ( For example, BSI in Britain, VDE and TUV in Germany, EMC in the United States, etc)Make a CE statement. In order to make products more competitive in the market, manufacturers often need to obtain safety certification marks. For example, BEAB safety certification mark, tuv gs mark, VDE safety certification mark, Italian IMQ, Swedish SEMKO, Dutch KEMA, etc. II. SAA (Australian regulations) : Australia's standard body is, so many friends call Australia certification SAA certification. In fact, SAA is only a standard-setting organization and does not issue product certification. SAA was later renamed Standards Australia Limited. SAA is an independent company and has no direct relationship with the government, but the federal government and the state government are its members. SAA and the Australian federal government signed a memorandum recognizing SAA as the highest organization of Australia's non-governmental standards organizations. Australia's standards and New Zealand's standards are basically consistent with IEC, while there are some national differences. Australia and New Zealand promote the unification of standards and mutual recognition of certification. Products can be sold in another country as long as they have obtained the certification of one country. III. PSE (Japanese rules) PSE certification is Japan's mandatory safety certification to prove that motor electronic products have passed Japan's electrical and raw material Safety Law (DENAN Law) Or the safety standard test of international IEC standard. Japan's DENTORL method (Electrical Apparatus and materials control method) It is stipulated that 498 products must pass safety certification to enter the Japanese market. Among them, 165 Class A products should obtain diamond PSE logo, and 333 Class B products should obtain circular PSE logo. IV. 3C (National standard) : 3C certification is called'Mandatory product certification system' It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by governments in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national safety, strengthen product quality management. The so-called 3C Certification is China's Compulsory product Certification system. The English name is China Compulsory Certification, and the English abbreviation is CCC. V. GS (Degui) : GS means German' Geprufte Sicherheit'(Security certified), There are also' Germany Safety'(German security)The meaning. GS certification is based on German product safety law (GPGS) As a basis, according to the EU unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN, a voluntary certification is recognized as a German safety certification mark in the European market. Six, the United States (UL): UL is the US Underwriters Laboratory ( Underwriter Laboratories Inc. )The abbreviation. UL safety testing Institute is the most authoritative institution in the United States, and it is also a relatively large non-governmental institution engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world. It is an independent, non-profit professional organization that conducts experiments for public safety. It uses scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc. are harmful to life and property and the degree of harm; Determine, compile and issue corresponding standards and materials that are helpful to reduce and prevent losses to life and property, and at the same time carry out fact investigation business. Different countries and regions have different certification requirements. According to the needs of enterprises and actual certification experience, a brief description of the certification requirements of major exporting countries of Chinese manufacturers. Manufacturers applying for UL mark can contact the inspection representatives of UL in various countries nearby, attach technical data of products, and apply for registration in order to arrange inspection. Generally, there are not many products that are qualified for the first inspection. It is necessary to send them for inspection many times until the safety meets the requirements of the standard before the UL Mark can be obtained. For products that pass the inspection, UL will also conduct regular surprise spot checks at the manufacturer, which is UL's greatest feature. If there is a significant difference between the product quality and the qualified product in the spot check, the inspection representative has the right to stop the use of UL certification mark until the difference is eliminated.
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