Power Adapter Manufacturer Power Adapter Manufacturer: three main points of insulation of power adapter

by:MOSO     2020-02-14
Many people have heard that in the process of developing new products for switching power supply adapters, not only the problems of product packaging, circuit design, heat dissipation design and anti-electromagnetic interference need to be fully considered, insulation cover design is also a very important design link. This article will briefly analyze the design of insulation shield to help engineers fully understand the key points of insulation shield design of adapters. During the operation of power adapters, sometimes there will be a situation that the circuit surge is suddenly higher than the risk voltage. In order to ensure the normal operation of the circuit, it is necessary to adopt appropriate insulation shielding technology. The following power adapter manufacturers will carefully talk about the three main points of insulation of power adapters. Under normal circumstances, the more common insulation shield technology is generally divided into the following types: first, the more common insulation technology is to strengthen insulation technology. This technology is one of many insulation systems to avoid electric shock. It is functionally equivalent to double insulation. When using the reinforced insulation technology for circuit design, the minimum thickness of the single layer used inside is greater than or equal to 0. 4mm, so that there can be several layers of insulation guarantee, but each layer cannot be tested alone. Also, the common insulation method in China is basic insulation. This technology is the most basic insulation method to avoid the switching power adapter from being shocked, and it is also a relatively clear insulation technology introduced in various textbooks at present. This article will not repeat it here. However, it is not absolutely safe to rely on the foundation insulation alone. Engineers also need to reach the safety request through additional insulation and shield grounding secondary shield, such as coil interlayer insulation. Different types of circuits need different types of insulation: 1. This kind of equipment adopts shield grounding, that is, the metal chassis is connected to the shield ground as a Level 1 shield. Only basic insulation is required between any risk voltage parts and the chassis, such as the communication power supply of the machine station. 2, the use of double insulation and strengthen insulation, no metal chassis and Grounding screws, such as portable charger. 3. Power supply is generated from SELV source and external voltage without potential risks, so only basic insulation is required, such as circuit board power supply. The above three main points of insulation of power adapter are shared by power adapter manufacturers. I don't know how much everyone has learned? These knowledge points are very useful. I hope everyone can read this sharing carefully.
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