PI switching power supply IC won 'today electronics' and 21ic China Electronics Network 2018 Top 10 power supply Award

by:MOSO     2020-01-11

PI company recently announced that its off-line flyback switching power supply IC InnoSwitch3- Pro won the Top 10 Power Award in 2018 selected by today's electronics magazine and 21ic China Electronics Network. This product further integrates digital interfaces on the basis of the original leading architecture and has won high praise from experts and users in the industry.

The Top 10 power supply Award was set up by China's Top professional electronic media 'electronics today' and 21ic China electronic network, it aims to reward products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions to the power industry. Among the hundreds of products released annually, according to the three selection criteria of significant progress in technology or application, pioneering design and significant improvement in cost performance, through manufacturer recommendation and editing primary selection, the expert group will re-select and finally determine the top ten products of the year. The members of the expert review team include: Yan Chongguang, director of Shanghai Sensor Technology Association, Professor Lu Qiusheng, executive director of China Power Supply Association, and Professor Xing Yan of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Expert Group believes that the product revolutionarily integrates I2C digital interface and can easily control the output voltage and current, and provide other protection functions that can be dynamically set, which can greatly simplify the development and manufacture of full numerical control high-efficiency power supply.

Yan jinguangjin, senior technical training manager of PI company, said that he could use software to accurately control the output voltage/current and protection settings of the power supply under different application environments, it really achieves a design that can meet the requirements of various output specifications, which can be said to subvert the traditional power production mode. Taking hiccup protection and latch protection as an example, under the traditional solution, only one of the circuit designs can be selected when facing different user needs (For example, Japanese users require latch protection) At the same time, it is often necessary to modify the design, repeat the safety certification, waste time and increase the cost. And using InnoSwitch3- Pro, one design can handle all requirements without repeating multiple safety certification, greatly saving cost and time.

InnoSwitch3- Pro is the latest member of InnoSwitch series, which can provide 65 W output power and 94% high efficiency under various input voltages and load conditions. Accurate Dynamic step control of output voltage and current can be carried out through a simple two-wire I2C interface ( The voltage step size is 10 mV and the current step size is 50 mA). The new device can work with the microcontroller or control and monitor the offline power supply according to the instructions of the system CPU. Its application covers almost all fast charging protocols, including USB power transmission (PD)3. 0 PPS, Quick Charge™ 4/4, AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP, and other industrial and consumer battery chargers, dimmable LED ballast drivers, and output adjustable industrial power supplies.

like the previous InnoSwitch devices, the new InnoSwitch3- Pro IC adopts high-speed digital communication technology of Power Integrations-- FluxLink is connected between the safety isolation belts, and the magnetic coupling is used to replace the optocoupler. The primary side and the secondary side have a wider creepage distance (>11. 5mm) And has stronger anti-surge and ESD capabilities. For 5000-meter-high altitude use areas, the specification requires the creepage distance between the primary side and the secondary side to reach 9. 4mm, while InnoSwitch3-Creepage distance of Pro IC (>11. 5mm)It is more than enough to meet this safety requirement.

InnoSwitch3- Pro IC supports fast charging protocols for many applications, such as smart phones, notebook computers, tablets, smart speakers, and non-charging applications requiring load-controlled or adjustable output. Device samples are now accepted for ordering ,. With InnoSwitch3- For Pro IC related technical support materials, please refer to Power Integrations website: www. Power. Com/products/innoswitch/innoswitch3-Pro.

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