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by:MOSO     2020-01-10

dream resurrection: the concept car sponsored by Power Integrations completed the test before the shell ecological marathon Asia in 2019

shell ecological marathon Asia is Asia where Shell global science and engineering students build ultra-efficient cars in 2019 one, it will be held from April 29-5 to at Kuala Lumpur's Sepang International Circuit. The goal of the competition is to use the least energy in the navigation circuit. UP Dagisik of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of the Philippines recently completed the successful trial operation of its new battery-powered concept car, thus missing the danger of the race nine months ago.

Despite limited competition for school funds and cars inherited the previous year, UP Dagisik won the respectable 100th place among more than 7th teams in 2018. In order to maintain the progress of the project, team managers and 5th grade students Christian Ong need to form a new roster and find sponsors. The solution to Ong's two challenges eventually became Power Integrations.

in order to strengthen the relationship with local universities and strengthen the recruitment work, PI Manila office launched its first internship program last summer, provide practical experience for students majoring in electronic engineering in Philippines. As an outstanding intern in the PI Expert team, Ong recruited several PI interns to become the core of the new team. He then submitted a sponsorship proposal to the company and received funds to build a new car for this year's competition.

without the sponsorship of Power Integration, we would not have a team this year, Ong said. In order to commemorate the support of PI and the proud tradition of this team, our goal is to build the simplest and most reliable car and win the championship. The weight of the 70-kilogram new car is 20% less than last year. Through the custom-designed BLDC motor drive board and battery pack, it reached a maximum speed of 40 kph during the test run. Many team members attribute part of their success to the practical skills they learned when implementing PI.

Our Manila office is close to the Dagisik team and the university's EEE program​ Related, Mark Calderon, head of the design team of PI application engineering department, said that he was welcomed by former interns when he visited the team seminar last month. In addition to our interns, they did a good job in the team this year. Many of our engineers also took part in the Asian ecological marathon while UP the students. We all support the Dagisik team.

after working 40 hours a week for each project and often sleeping in the laboratory for three months, the students are finishing up the car, then apply the Power Integrations color scheme and logo.

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