PI seize the commanding heights of advanced electronic materials technology and enter the new energy vehicle market

by:MOSO     2020-01-05

as the automobile industry is seeking to accelerate the transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles (EV)The transformation of silicon carbide (SiC) The adoption of basic power solutions is growing rapidly in the entire automobile market. Silicon carbide (SiC) As the third generation of semiconductor materials, it is seizing the commanding heights of advanced electronic materials.

The 7 Th (Shanghai) At the seminar on electric drive and BMS technology for new energy vehicles, many well-known enterprises attended the lecture to share product plans and various technical problems. Wang Qiang, regional high-Power market application engineer of Power Integrations, gave a speech entitled 'SCALE-based automotive applications-IDriver™ He introduced to the audience the challenges faced by the driving circuit of SiC devices in the automotive environment and a FluxLinkTechnology-driven solutions; He also explained an advanced active clamping technology, which ensures that the voltage spike of SiC devices can be effectively controlled at the shutdown time without sacrificing conversion efficiency.

【The picture shows: the 7th (Shanghai) New energy vehicle electric drive and BMS technology seminar venue]

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