PI's rugged, durable electric bicycle charger with two cooling options

by:MOSO     2020-01-10

with the increasing demand for higher product performance and longer battery life, today's electric bicycles and cordless power tools need a new generation of safe and reliable chargers. Highly integrated TOPSwitch™ from Power Integrations- JX off-line switching power supply IC can help design engineers to design high-power chargers with very few components and efficiency of more than 90%.

PI has introduced two design examples of high input voltage, constant voltage/constant current flyback chargers, fully demonstrating TOPSwitch- The powerful function and design flexibility of JX series IC.

•DER- The 580 is a 118 W fanless charger with hot turn-back feature, which can automatically switch to a smaller output current when the temperature rises, ensuring continuous charging without triggering thermal shutdown.

•DER- 583 is a 106 W air-cooled charger with an air splitter, which allows cold air to pass through the main heat sink, thus reducing the size of the heat sink and equipment.

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