PI launches wide range CAPZero- 2 ic x capacitor safe discharge up to 6μf

by:MOSO     2020-01-17

Power Integrations announced today the next generation of its CAPZero series innovative dual-terminal X-capacitor discharge IC-CAPZero™-2 IC. CAPZero- 2 IC covers a wide range of applications and output power, which can improve design flexibility. Since it covers 0. 1 & micro; F to 6 & micro; F has a wide range of X capacitors, and the rated breakdown voltage of 1 kV can withstand a transient voltage of 6 kV, so CAPZero- The 2 IC can withstand severe input surges and voltage surges.

CAPZero- 2 IC is an intelligent high voltage switch, which can greatly reduce no-load and standby input power consumption. When connected in series with a resistor that provides a safe discharge path for the X capacitor of the power supply, CAPZero- The device can block the current to the discharge resistor after applying AC voltage, thus reducing the power loss in these components to zero. After the AC voltage is powered off, CAPZero- 2 by closing the circuit and keeping the electric energy away from the exposed AC plug, the X capacitor can be automatically safely discharged.

Edward Ong, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: in our new CAPZero- After the introduction of 2 IC, the power supply designer only needs to certify one component number to be suitable for all its X capacitor discharge IC applications. This can not only improve design flexibility, but also speed up the time to market, while reducing the resource investment required to certify devices.

CAPZero- The 2 X capacitive discharge IC can eliminate a major power source while making the power supply conform to IEC 62368- 1 standard, which is a new primary safety standard covering a wide range of energy-using equipment. The new standards will replace IEC 60950 and IEC 60065 and will soon begin enforcement. Due to CAPZero- The device is certified to meet the safety requirements of CB and Nemko, and developers do not need to perform separate capacitive discharge safety tests on the power supply circuit.

The application scope of the new devices includes air conditioners, household appliances, small household appliances, cooking appliances, vacuum cleaners, televisions, desktop computers and notebook computers, projectors, workstations and computer displays. and printers. SO- 8 packaged devices are now available, based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces, the price per piece is 0. $19.

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