PI launches new reference design kit RDK-420

by:MOSO     2020-01-17
10 W constant voltage/constant current charger easily meets DOE- 6 and EU CoC 5th edition 2nd stage Cable end efficiency standard

Power Integrations the company today released new of reference design kit RDK- 420, this 10 W constant voltage/constant current USB charger is based on PI's innovative InnoSwitch- CH series high integration switch IC design. InnoSwitch IC integrates the primary side switch with the primary controller, secondary controller and feedback circuit into a surface mount package conforming to global safety standards.

The InnoSwitch IC uses precise secondary side regulation (SSR) And high speed digital FluxLink™ Technology, passing direct voltage and current measurements across the safety isolation layer. This new feedback technology can achieve precise control without a large optocoupler, while avoiding primary side regulation (PSR) Inherent performance defects, such as limited accuracy and efficiency, and slow transient response relative to no-load power consumption. Other advantages include: ±3% constant pressure, ±5% constant current adjustment; Cable voltage drop compensation; Built-in synchronous rectification with high efficiency; <10 mW no-load input power; And adaptability to transformer manufacturing tolerance.

Shyam Dujari, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: this reference design shows the high Power density, high performance and high efficiency that can be achieved with our InnoSwitch IC. Its excellent no-load performance is one of the main reasons why many world-renowned mobile device manufacturers use InnoSwitch IC in mass production of chargers.

RDK- 420 can now be ordered from Power Integrations. A Complete Reference Design Report (RDR-420) , Including the design of an 85 VAC-with 5 V/2 A output- 264 VAC input power specifications, circuit schematics, bill of materials, transformer specification files, printed circuit board layout and performance data required for intelligent mobile/USB chargers. The measurement is based on the new U. S. Department of Energy (DOE-6)And the EU code of conduct (CoC) 5th edition 2nd stage USB cable end efficiency standard.

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