PI launches new LYTSwitch- 3 LED driver IC widely supports various SCR dimmers

by:MOSO     2020-01-08

LYTSwitch- The 3 IC has configurable dimming characteristics, enabling designers to optimize the dimming range and efficiency of the driver. The depth dimming response can also be set to expand the dimming range or utilize the load-Shutdown mode to eliminate the possibility of flicker. When no dimmer is connected or the dimmer works at a full conduction angle, the dimmer management circuit of the IC will be turned off, thus improving efficiency. The new driver IC is unique in that it can continuously control the power factor and effectively manage it even in dimming mode, this can minimize the apparent power consumption of the bulb during dimming (VA) To prevent the impact on the power grid that may occur during mass use. LYTSwitch- The 3 IC also has a thermal foldback feature, which can automatically adjust the lighting output in case of poor heat dissipation or high ambient temperature, thus preventing damage and prolonging the service life of the bulb.

Hubertus Notohamiprodjo, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: These new driver ICs can be used to provide Buck, boost, buck-Boost, tap-Buck, tap-Buck-Boost and isolated flyback topologies. They are compatible with many dimmers and can choose different MOSFET breakdown voltages to optimize design costs. This means that the same IC can be used in multiple designs that use a single panel and are extremely small in size, thus shortening the design cycle time and reducing the component inventory.

LYTSwitch-The power factor of the driver IC is greater than 0. 9 and THD is less than 10%, which can meet the requirements of EN61000-3- 2. All international energy efficiency standards including CEC Title 20, CEC Title 24 and Energy Star. The IC can ensure a constant current of 3% under different loads, input voltages and considering individual differences of devices in mass production (CC)Precision. Like all Power Integrations products, this highly integrated device has comprehensive protection functions while requiring less peripheral components than other competing discrete design schemes, which not only improves reliability, it can also reduce BOM cost and PCB area.

LYTSwitch-3 IC samples are now available for order. The unit price of the device is 0. 10,000 pieces based on the order quantity of pieces. $53. Reference Design DER- 512 is now available for download from the Power Integrations website: http://www . Power. Com/lytswitch-3.

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