PI launches new LinkSwitch-TN2 switching power supply IC

by:MOSO     2020-01-09
High reliability off-line buck switching Power supply IC can withstand wide input voltage fluctuation

Power Integrations company launched LinkSwitch™ today- TN2 offline switching power supply IC, the new device is suitable for non-isolated power supply applications with output current within 360. LinkSwitch™-TN2 devices can be used to design Buck, buck- Boost or non-isolated flyback topology converters can achieve high precision, high efficiency and excellent no-load performance. The new device integrates new safety protection features, including input and output overvoltage protection and highly reliable MOSFET with 725 V breakdown voltage, which can provide strong output short circuit and overheat protection, prevent input surge and voltage surge. Its application scope includes household appliances, HVAC (HVAC), Industrial control, smart home (IOT) And is especially suitable for products sold to India and other countries or regions with poor power grid stability.

LinkSwitch-The voltage adjustment accuracy of TN2 IC is better-/+ 3%. Such high precision can enable designers to eliminate the post-stage voltage regulator, which is helpful to reduce the number of BOM components, improve efficiency and reduce size. The new IC can complete the design of the buck converter with only 20 more components and can be configured to use commercially available standard inductors, thus further reducing costs and simplifying the supply chain.

The new device has extremely high energy efficiency in low power applications, for example, at 12 V/120 (1. 4 W)The efficiency in the Buck design exceeds 80%. LinkSwitch- TN2 design can usually provide excellent efficiency in the whole load range, with empty load power consumption less than 30 mW in Buck design and less than 10 mW in non-isolated flyback design. For provisions the work mode energy consumption budget limit of total energy consumption (TEC) By standard, the device is a tool that helps designers easily cope. LinkSwitch- TN2's efficiency advantage enables manufacturers to easily design power supplies to meet global product ENERGY efficiency standards. These regulators include the U. S. Department of ENERGY, the European Commission's ErP eco-design directive, the California ENERGY Commission, and energy star®Wait.

Silvestro Fimiani, senior product marketing manager, said: Our LinkSwitch- The current limiting point of TN2 off-line converter IC for cycle-by-cycle operation can be set externally by the designer, thus allowing the selection of low-cost inductors and capacitors, thus saving cost and board space. Designers can also optimize peripheral circuit components to achieve greater output power. The new device has a powerful 725 v mosfet built in, which enables the typical design to easily withstand 1 kV differential mode input lightning surge without the need for additional lightning protection devices.

LinkSwitch- TN2 IC is available in three different packages: PDIP-8C, SO-8C and SMD-8C. The new device is now available, and the unit price based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces is 0. $60.

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