PI launches new high efficiency LYTSwitch- 5 IC supports multiple LED driver topologies

by:MOSO     2020-01-17
The flexible platform can provide high Power factor PF, Low THD and high precision constant current adjustment rate

Power Integrations announced today the launch of LYTSwitch™-5 single-stage LED driver IC product series. LYTSwitch-The 5 device integrates power factor correction (PFC) And supports a variety of commonly used LED driver topologies.

solid state lighting applications have very different requirements for drivers, and the work of power designers is full of challenges, they often need to quickly develop optimized designs according to the requirements of lighting designers. LYTSwitch- The 5 product series supports isolated flyback topology with safety level requirements and can be used for ballast applications; Support for Buck and buck- Non-isolated topologies such as Boost type can be used for low-cost bulb applications. In addition, low-end or high-end switch options are available, allowing designers to optimize their design to reduce EMI or simplify inductors. LYTSwitch- 5 can provide more than 90% efficiency under different input voltages, loads, production conditions, temperatures and various topologies, 0. 9 Power Factor (PF), THD below 5% and + /- With a current adjustment accuracy of 3%, it is the best choice for LED driver IC for solid-state lighting applications below 25 W.

due to LYTSwitch- The 5 LED driver design has high efficiency, so smaller heat sinks can be used to achieve a more compact design and prolong the service life of the power supply. High precision constant current adjustment rate can reduce compliance with regulatory agencies (Such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) And energy star®)The degree of over-design required for lumen output standards. The new device provides 650 V and 725 v mosfet options to optimize the surge resistance of the power supply according to different product types and geographical installation requirements.

Hubertus Notohamiprodjo, director of product marketing for Power Integrations, said: LYTSwitch- 5 IC is suitable for lamps, downlights and mining lamps (High shed light/low shed light)Ballast and other applications. These new ICs can simplify the design and reduce the number of components, thus realizing compact, reliable and high-performance driver circuits. In addition, they can realize platform-based design methods and improve power output.

LYTSwitch- The 5 LED driver IC supports a wider universal input voltage range (90-308 VAC), Can provide a wide output voltage range (2:1), The output power is as high as 25 W. Its protection functions include thermal foldback, short circuit protection, input and output overvoltage protection (OVP) Over-current protection and voltage slow rise/voltage drop protection.

LYTSwitch-5 IC samples are now available for order. The unit price of the device is 0. 10,000 pieces based on the order quantity of pieces. $46.

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